Author Topic: WabbitEmu adds 84+CSE support  (Read 1819 times)

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WabbitEmu adds 84+CSE support
« on: February 04, 2014, 02:32:39 pm »
After a long period of dormancy, WabbitEmu development has resumed, this time adding TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition support, and progress is pretty fast so far, as within a few days, most of what has been implemented is now working!

One highlight is the ability to capture smooth screenshots up to 33 frames per second with no slowdowns in emulation and the ability to emulate the color 84+ model at the speed you want (although setting it too high will not make a big difference on older computers), allowing you to skip long loading or cutscenes or simply do some sort of tool-assisted speedrun of a game you like. Here is an animated screenshot of Pac Man in action, which is the first of its kind, as the game used to only run properly on the actual hardware:

Of course there are some quirks, since it's far from finished. For example, scanlines are not emulated, GIF capture defaults to 2x scaling on every startup (so you will end up with 640x480 GIFs if you forget to change options), it also has some strange color palettes if you start capturing from outside a game (although that's inevitable since animated GIFs have fewer colors than the calculator), and certain programs that use z-address shifting, such as AssemblyBandit's Tunnel will not play correctly (although most will do). However, it's pretty great so far and should allow even more users to emulate the calculator. Even sound is already supported, so Steins;Gate fans, get ready! :)

You can find WabbitEmu progress thread and the latest emulator version in the CSE support for WabbitEmu thread.
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