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TI-82 Plus prototype discovered?
« on: February 10, 2014, 01:42:24 pm »
Critor just uploaded the following pictures of a TI-82 Plus EVT Prototype on TI-Planet:

Unless this was modded from another calculator like the Cemetech TI-82 Plus, this newly discovered calculator prototype seems intriguing, because if you look through the pictures gallery, one shows it running TI-83 Plus OS 1.19 (and Boot Code 1.01) and another TI-84 Plus Silver Edition OS 2.53 MP. Normally, TI-83 Plus OSes cannot run on the TI-84 Plus nor vice-versa.

The calculator appears to have the same amount of archive as the non-USB TI-83 Plus models.

That said, this seems like an old prototype because the calc shape uses the 1996-2003 casing (non-parcus models) rather than the 2004-present ones (TI-83 Plus.Fr USB, TI-84 Plus/SE/CSE and the newer TI-73 Explorer). The color scheme looks similar to the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and the About menu shows instead of the newer, even with OS 1.19 installed.

In the picture gallery, you can also see how the hardware looks like. Hopefully there is more info from TI-Planet soon.

UPDATE: There is now an official news about it at This appears to be a replacement for the TI-82 Stats.Fr, so it is much newer than previously expected (to my surprise, considering it uses the original TI-83+ case instead of TI-84+). Also, apparently it is possible via special means to install an TI-73 or TI-84 Plus OS on a TI-83 Plus, although an MP OS would be rather unstable, so that would explain the OS 2.53 MP picture. The hardware seems very similar to a regular TI-83 Plus, except that two LR44 batteries of 1.5V each are used instead of one 3V CR1616 or CR1620. Read the news linked above for more info.
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