Author Topic: Correlation Test Period Canceled For Now, But Will Be Restarted in Summer  (Read 2159 times)

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Thanks to everyone for their willingness and their effort in testing Correlation.  As unfortunate as it is, I am finding too many broken parts, and because people are busy with school I don't blame those who don't have time to work on projects at this time.

So I'm going to fix issues, and then I will restart the testing period fresh.  You can all look forward to new features, a better instruction manual system and perhaps faster games.

If you wish, please feel free to keep working on your projects.  While there will be new features, very little--if anything--will change to make your old games stop working.
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Sorry to hear, but I understand. If you notice last year in the post statistics, around April 20th there's some sort of collapse, which happens to be school exams and other things related to school. The same thing seems to be happening this year. Just try to not make it too far into Summer, though, because sometimes there are people who got no internet access for a while then, plus there will most likely be two or three contests ending then.
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Ah, well the summer gives many people time to code, so I hope this all works out well!

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Ah, well the summer gives many people time to code, so I hope this all works out well!

Except for you :( Actually, you can code, but you can't use the internet.

Hope the next test period is more successful!

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Awr Was looking for this to get out in the public oh well I guess it will be for the better ^_^