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TiLP- it's alive!
« on: October 21, 2009, 12:43:33 pm »
TiLP, the linking software that we all (or at least most) thought dead, is being worked on again, by Lionel Debroux and Benjamin Moody.  The new information can be found in a thread on UTI starting here.  There's also a page on SourceForge for TiLP.

The first bug they've addressed is the problem with TI-Connect and TiLP groups for z80 calculators.  The maintainers believe their fix has solved the problem, but neither own an actual z80 model, meaning they need help testing the fix(es) (and will likely need the help for other fixes as well).  If you can test the fixes and report your findings, you'd not only be getting access to a working version of TiLP earlier than everyone else ;), but you'd also be greatly helping the community as a whole :).

Currently, the (proposed) fixes require you to modify the source file yourself and recompile.  The source is obtained via SVN, which works best under a *nix system (directions are in the first link I posted).  The plan is that once the fixes are confirmed, there will be an official release with the updated source and a compiled binary/dll.

*If someone wants to try and figure out how to do it in Windows, post the directions here and we could get more people that can easily test the changes.
-Instructions for building on Windows can be found here.
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