Author Topic: Project TI-Trek for the CE nears first demo release  (Read 5911 times)

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Re: Project TI-Trek for the CE nears first demo release
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2020, 01:11:11 pm »

A few more 0.0.99-pre updates, and server updates:

1. Client now has support for unpacking assets sent by the server (aspects of terrain and player ship sprites will be sent to clients on the fly the first time they are needed, and cached on the calculator until the calc disconnects). The sprites will be zx7 compressed (but not RLET, since RLET sprites dont support Scaling and Clipping as of yet). When they arrive on the calculator, they will be decompressed to a malloc'd block of memory, then copied there, the pointer to which is stored in either a terrain cache or a player cache.

2. Client server-join procedure is streamlined and debugged. Client does not enter main loop until all parts of the join process succeed. First the client must see that the bridge is up, and that the request to connect to a server succeeded. Second the server must accept the client's version string (if your client is outdated but acceptable, you can still log in and an alert will print to log). Lastly, login must be successful. Once all of these succeed, you will enter the main game loop.

3. TrekFilter has seen some enhancements. It now runs in two modes, exclude mode and normal mode. In normal mode you must specify, in a JSON array within a file called "packet_whitelist.json", all the packet types you want the filter to inspect. In exclude mode, you are doing the same thing in a file called "packet_excludelist.json", except this time is a an array of all packets to exclude from inspection. The filter is distributed in exclude mode, for heightened security.

4. TrekFilter now logs repeat offenses to a file called "trek-f2b.log" in the filter's root directory. I have created a template file, "trek-f2b.conf" which is a Fail2Ban configuration file. I tested it with the command fail2ban-regex, and it appears to work properly. I welcome people to test it in deployment, as I am on the server currently.
Details on TrekFilter can be found here: