Author Topic: TI-8x and CASIO fx program-lister where listings look as in calc editor  (Read 2825 times)

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I think it would be useful with a program that could list the program to a high but screen-wide image that would look like the program does in the built-in editor. The image could be in PBM-format: This could be used to publish type-in programs in books or in forums. There could be one program for TI-8x and one for CASIO fx/cfx or one for both brands of calculators and others. It would preferably be a command-line program for MS-DOS/FreeDOS or Unix/Linux. It should use the same font as on the calculator screen. If one lists a group-file one should get one image-file for each program. Does such a program already exist?

An example of what i mean:

(I made this using screen dumps from an emulator and putting the pictures together in an image manipulation program.)
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Actually there are already tools to edit TI-8x programs online, but I agree it would be nice maybe to be able to view them like your image, so it can be easier for someone to type the code without doing mistakes or especially for home screen games where you have a lot of text. I used the program editor to edit maps in one of my RPG because they were 16 tiles wide.
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