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News / Re: Illusiat remake for the TI-81 and some discoveries
« on: December 18, 2008, 10:49:24 pm »
Hi, I was tempted to dig out my ancient TI-81 and try this out. This thing was my first graphing calculator waaayy back in 1994 or so. I've only been playing it for a few minutes so far, but given the extreme programming limitations, this is really impressive. This isn't the type of game I would have imagined being possible on a TI-81, especially not with ASCII-art graphics (even simple ones).

As silly as this may sound, I really think this deserves a news article on If you upload a copy of Illusiat 81 there, I will be the first one to suggest it. :)

I think there may be a couple of minor errors in the source code file. I had to ignore the “Grid Off” instruction in Pgrm1 since to my knowledge there is no such instruction on the TI-81 (or at least not on mine). Also, after typing everything in and double-checking it, the up/down controls on the map seemed to be reversed, which confused me a bit at first. It seems that in Prgm3 on the line that displays the map movement prompt the ‘V’ and ‘^’ are backwards. When I swapped them, map movement made a lot more sense. ;)

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