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Axe / Subroutines, arrays, and screen manipulation - oh my!
« on: February 27, 2011, 12:08:15 am » the title says, I have questions about subroutines, arrays, and screen manipulation. ;)
This is in prep for a very secret but awesome project! :D

Let's get started!

1) In a subroutine, are the letter variables (like A-Z, theta, etc.) isolated from the "main" program?
2) In a subroutine, if I'm not using rn (n is a number) for arguments, can I use them and not worry about crashing?
3) Can I call a subroutine from a subroutine? If so, will I lose my rn variables from the origin called subroutine?
4) Can I get more arguments than just r0-r6, or am I stuck with them?

1) How do I make string or number arrays in Axe? Please include as many ways as possible to manipulate the array, and obviously read it! :)
2) Is it possible to do an array of an array? If so, how?

Screen Manipulation
1) How can I capture the whole or part of the screen? (And restore it?)
2) With that capture, can I use Pt-On( to move it? If not, how would I do so?

1) If I'm right.... if I want to use more than one Axiom, I could flip flop the "includes" (#Axiom) and use the functions interchangably? (Not at the same time tho)
2) Does compiled Axe code need the Axiom appvar or is the appvar's code included inside the compiled prgm?

I might have more questions in the future, so beware! ;)

Thanks in advance! :D

TI Z80 / Calc 2 Internet (C2I) - Help decide the future!
« on: February 12, 2011, 01:18:55 pm »
As time goes by, it seems anything could change. And it has - tons of development has occurred! :)
From Axe Parser to particle simulation games to calculator networking, possibilities seem endless!

However, a previous project that has not taken off yet is now in hiatus. That project would be C2I.

C2I, as you may have guessed, stands for Calculator 2 Internet, and is a project to obvious connect a calculator to the Internet.

Since CN2.2's creation, C2I's role in creating the link from calculator to internet has gradually been diminishing. gCn v1.0's release truly made C2I feel irrelevant, since there's already a framework to build on. Quite a few nice games have been created with CN/gCn. With KermM's development to make gCn (and CN) available via USB, C2I's future is unknown... which is why I've posted this topic.

gCn and C2I are fundamentally different - gCn links the calculator to a virtual server hub via a client emulating a hub (with internet, of course), in which people can engage in multiplayer gaming or chat/IRC from there. (I'm not too sure how hub selection works, or if you can connect to a specific calc on the internet.)

C2I, on the other hand, had plans to be a bit more direct - basically, the client itself can do local connections, i.e. directly connect to IRC, the web, etc. However, it's not too far from what gCn aims to accomplish, and the methods of doing it. The only significant difference is that you can grab HTTP URLs in the calc, as well as manage sockets. (You're a bit more "direct" with connecting, so to speak.)

C2I was more or less envisioned to be kind and user friendly to the average user - it would have an app store, Facebook/Twitter access, a browser, etc. But with a browser planned and more for gCn, it seems to be very redundant in making it.

I have absolutely no idea where to go with this project. On one side, I see the missing bits of gCn and the design, and want to fill in the gaps with C2I. On the other hand, it's likely that gCn will progress (both calc and client side) to fill in the holes, which will make C2I eventually deprecated. Also, it's unknown whether people want to even use C2I at all in their projects, and if gCn could already do what was planned for C2I.

This is the original feature/implementation list of C2I:
Spoiler For C2I Features/Implementation List:
= C2I works with any cable that connects the calc to the computer
= 2nd or 3rd level connection (calc s/r raw data <-> client s/r raw data <-> Internet; OR calc s/r action calls <-> client s/r calls <-> client or its plugin parse/s/r/ raw data <-> Internet)
= 3 parts: calculator, client, network/internet
= LAN connection and interaction via client
= Internal social core, with friend lists and groups, as well as "calc rooms"
= Distributed as an application - is executable with settings, social core, etc., and acts as a library too for programs
= Also can be bundled in as a program via source/binary inclusion
= Graphical, user friendly center with access to settings, social core, etc.
= Request connections to server, send/recv. data, invites, etc.
= Internal settings for server selection, username change, etc.
= Integrated connection manager - dialog shows if connection is lost to the internet
= Application or program distribution
= Can either indirectly indirectly or indirectly handle data (see above connection text diagram for reference)
= Sync settings with client
= At its heart, CLI only, but due to the needed user input sometimes, robust GUI will be included
= Manages the connections to the server, data x-fer between calc and internet, etc.
= Handles sockets, HTTP requests, etc. as needed by the calc program
= Plugin support - plugins for handling "special" data (and sending them too) - basically pre-processing data if the calc can't handle it, and sending new data back into the calc.
= Handles any LAN connections and can manage a mini server
= Calc settings are changable - syncs settings with calc
= Manages connections and users
= PHP based for easy handling and access (some places only allow outbound port 80), but faster, direct IRC like handling is also available via a different port
= Data storage via MySQL and data files
= Storage of files as necessary (if program needs them)
= Maintains any online worlds or battle comm.
= Plugins can be written to accommodate "special" cases, such as distribution of an online world, handling battles, etc. (this is not necessary to have an online world - again, "special" cases)
= Online repository (optional), any language works as long as it implements the spec!

Developer/User Access and Features
= Send/Recv, either when wanted or via interrupt
= Choose different servers to connect to if the default isn't used
= Can ask C2I to present an interface to connect to internet, choose person to play against, choose group, etc.
= Store/get user data either on the computer or online (in the user data)
= Store/get regular data on computer or online
= Create invites/requests to send to other people to battle, chat, etc.
= Perform HTTP GET/POST requests
= Some preliminary, basic socket handling
= Others???
== Some applications of API:
=== Online virtual world - fetching tiles from online asynchronously or not
=== Social integration - leaderboards, chat, FB/Twitter posts, etc.
=== Individual and group "battles", with invitation sending
=== CalcSVN - storage (and backup) of code online (programs, appvars, etc.)
= Browse the web
= Access and update your Facebook or Twitter
= Chat on IRC
= Game "achievements" - with online leaderboard, and posting to Facebook/Twitter
= App Store (name subject to change) - easy to use place to get other apps and programs. Not restricted like Apple's, and supports dependency linking (??), updates, and multiple repositories (the main repo, Cemetech repo, Omnimaga repo, etc.)
= Online and multiplayer gaming

You can tell that it looks more fun on the user side of things, eh? :P
With a fun developer gone (or is he? ;)), I will need significant help on the calc (and partial client dev help) to complete this project... if there's even a reason to continue.

The question to you guys is this: should I continue on to develop the API, etc. of C2I? Or is C2I just redundant? Would you guys ever use it? If so, what for and why? Are there other things you would look for in either gCn or C2I?

Axe / Axe drawing questions
« on: January 01, 2011, 07:41:04 pm »

Some questions regarding Axe:
1) Can anyone explain to me how tunnel side drawing/generation works? And if possible, could I get an example to play with?
2) How big can sprites be?
3) Where/how are sprites drawn? Like text?
4) For "special" big font, are they just sprites?
5) Is there a good sprite drawing tool I could use? (Both calculator and PC)

(I apologize beforehand for any bad G.U.M. mistakes, the over-abundance of smilies, and/or any insults that may be considered one in my post. [This post was kind of rushed to get it posted on 1/1/11!] If you are insulted by this post, please speak to me personally, and I will clarify my intentions and apologize. Thank you! -Albert)

First and foremost, happy new year to everyone! :D I wish you a happy and happy 2011! :)

Now to the topic - so you've heard about the POTY results, and not everyone's happy with it.
However, if you looked a bit more closely, you would've seen a pattern. It's not about Omnimaga and Cemetech - it's about the community in general. Who actually voted in this year's POTY? Only the people in Omnimaga and Cemetech, who comprise of mostly developers. And another fact: around <100 people actually voted in the POTY. And if you look at the stats, it has steadily decreased year by year.

So what are the causes?
For one, lack of interest in calculators, since there are plenty of other "portable" distractions (for instance, iPods). Basically, people don't really want to play around with their calcs anymore - they have something else that is more "fancy" to play with.

Second, the release of "interesting" things has significantly decreased in the years.... whose cause is something I'm about to describe. How many significant advancements have you seen released? The POTY winners are great, but there was a time (early 2000-2006) where there were tons of activity. (Not that this year didn't have awesome releases, but it wasn't as much as before.) Now? It's fizzing away slooowwwwlllyyyyyy.....

So what's the 3rd cause? People. To be precise, generations. The first generation was a big wave of developers and users... replaced by the second, and then... not replaced? I'm not saying that you should worry about leaving or something, but there will be a day in which you wake up and say, "I'm tired of this and need to get moving on my life." (Or "I'm way too busy, and I need to focus on my studies!" I've had that vision already, and I won't give it up yet - possibly in my senior year at HS.) It's bound to happen. If you are that person, please finish up your major projects first! Then you can continue your life - and I wish you good luck in your future endeavors. :)

In the end, what I'm trying to say is that there's a dearth of users and programmers... and we need more! We have to gather more people, but also adjust ourselves to the modern world.

So the question is... how do we fix it?

I propose a dynamic change - more or less improvements on top of our community and calc.

1. Get people!!!
Do you see a person who programs on their calc? Bring them here! Give them a connecting cable (if TI-83 or less), and get them here! If you know a developer who doesn't touch the calculator, but is awesome at programming, introduce them to the calculator, and bring them here! We need creative, smart developers in the community - people do come and go, and we need more guys who have talent to fill the gap! :) Hire people of all ages - younger ones are best, since they (obviously) have a lot longer to go before graduation. Oh, and better yet, tell the new hires to pass on the tradition too when time comes - tell them to find potential developers, and get them in! :)

2. Go wireless! :D
One of the things people hate is wired things, especially for communication. So why not do the same for calcs? Wireless linking... and wifi access is definitely a goal for this year, made closer with CalcNET and C2I! :)

3. App Store
Simply, a central center for downloading and installing programs. Very few people go to; why not bring it to them directly on the calculator? :) Obviously, the previous goal will be needed for this to occur. Now obviously, we're against closed systems, right? This system will probably follow the Debian way - i.e., having a central and external sources to install from. That opens up opportunities for Omnimaga and Cemetech to have their own software available for everyone to download! Of course, the external repositories will be featured on for people to easily add as well.

The protocol will be open and easy to implement - open source is a must in this kind of environment, allowing easier deployment and higher distribution of awesome programs and apps! :)

Existing installer technologies (souvik's Installer, Iambian's Athena, and my [non-existent] InstallMe) will probably be used in implementing it.

4. Centralized but everywhere
Central is the key eh? It applies to communities too! :) I propose that ticalc does a minor redesign for the majority of the users so that it's easy to find and download things, and better yet, review/rate too! (And hopefully a good review team too!) Also, a central forum would allow new users to find new people and programs! :) Any existing communities are linked, and can exist separately - may be like "teams"!

5. Easy to use
The interface has to be easy to use. No questions asked! A community effort to create a very user friendly shell may be needed in the future. (This depends on time, Axe's features, and the availability of GIF animation software for mock-ups.)

6. Social
As part of the calculator -> internet initiative, it's time to hop on the social train too! Achievements can be posted to Facebook, making gaming on the calculator much more favorable than an iPod! :)

7. Stronger community
I'm really looking forward to a stronger community this year. They don't have to be together, but they can work together! I'm looking forward to less bickering between peers (none of the craziness of last year), stronger collaboration, and (hopefully) more people and tech! :D

Forgive and forget the past - who knows? If you are feeling generous, unban past problematic people and invite them back in! :)

Wow.... that's a lot to look forward to for 2011! :) A new year means new things - new habits, new ideas, new everything! It's a tough road, but there's lots of technology out there! KermM's CalcNET (and future gCn), some wireless things I'm trying to make, and C2I (calc 2 internet, which is a project collaboration with graphmastur) are part of the things that will support the future. However, there's another thing too - YOU. Our communities are crucial for this to happen. They DON'T have to be together... but they do have to work together. In the end, I hope for an awesome 2011! (And again, happy new year to everyone!) :D

I conclude my conclusion with a quote:
Quote from: John M. Richardson, Jr.
When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.

Axe / String and variable questions
« on: November 11, 2010, 12:44:41 am »
(My activity will be very sporadic this week and the next. If you have any server issues/questions, please direct them to Juju and geekboy.)

I'm making a viral video for a club at my school, and guess what? A calc, and a compiled Axe program will be involved! :D
It'll be a very quick and dirty browser GUI simulation. (Real internet via tethered link/USB will be coming soon via C2I though! :))
I'll post the final program when it's done, as well as a snip of the viral video.
However, I've encountered some problems while writing it.

I have 2 questions - first, I can't seem to change the text in the variable.
I tried this:
Code: [Select]
"different text"->Str0
It always errors with "ERR: DUPLICATE". After looking back at the manual, it seemed that Str* and some other variables
were static, which meant that you can't change them. However, other variables could be changed.

So, I switched to this:
Code: [Select]
"different text"->R
...and then this time, I get another error: "ERR: BAD SYMBOL", and the error scrolls to the first def. line.
Looks like I can't put anything into any variable, eh? :P (Or I might have read the manual wrong)
How can I change the text at any time in a variable? Please provide a simple code example.

My second question: is there any way to print text to the back buffer directly without altering the screen or the 1st buffer?

Other Calc-Related Projects and Ideas / alberthrocks' projects!
« on: October 22, 2010, 09:09:01 pm »
So, people have heard of me, seen me, and talked to me, but have never seen things I've done!
You might have seen some of my work briefly on IRC. If you don't know, you'll find out below! :)
Do I do calculator programming? Of course! I wouldn't be here if I didn't! :)
That said, let me begin my project showcase!

Calculator Projects
1) APChemKit!
APChemKit! is an ongoing project that is a very fun, nice, and easy to use program to do conversions and calculation for AP Chemistry. For now, it's in BASIC, since some crucial functions I need aren't in Axe (yet). However, the installer, which will install APChemKit!, is in Axe, and is an interesting separate project. ;) Progress: 5% (not much done throughout the year yet! :))


2) InstallMe! (for TI)
InstallMe! is an installer that can, as the title says, install programs! :) It's developed with APChemKit!, and will be accompanied with an installer creator. The Axe compiler itself is still needed though, since the installer creator will simply create and bundle the installer in the form of an Axe source file. It's something that I hope will become quite revolutionary! :) Progress: 10% (parts of GUI made, no installing progress GUI or actual installation code yet)


3) DodgeIt!
DodgeIt! is a very simple BASIC game. All you do is just dodge the falling blocks! :) It's 100% ASCII, so no meddling with any of the graphical settings! ;) Progress: 100% (Finished last year! :D)

File(s): DODGEIT.8Xp (supposedly "unfixed" but should work fine, set your MODE to Classic if you use 2.53MP)

4) aCAS
aCAS is a blind attempt to create a CAS (computer algebra system) for the TI-83/84 series. It stands for Albert's CAS, but you could make other interesting phrases too with "aCAS". ;) It will be written in Axe, but it needs some crucial functions to even begin writing code. If this ever gets finished, it will be quite revolutionary. :D (This may become a community project, since CASes possess math functions that I can't even do... I have the idea and skills to develop a basic equation solver. :P) Progress: 2% (Terminal scroll, clear, and exit implemented, no number/text input code or any kind of CAS code yet)


PC/Server/Website Projects
1) AtomBot (and its siblings, OmnomBot and NotifyBot)
AtomBot is an IRC bot that can do many admin things, like oping, voicing, etc. It can do other things, but there's too many to list! :)
AtomBot is the core foundation of OmnomBot and NotifyBot. It is being worked on all the time, but is already ready to deploy. A very soon rewrite will make the code very neat, have much more security with user identification, and make it much more modular, allowing for more functions, and more importantly, plugins to be written! :D Progress: 140% (for core, yes it's 140% since the core's done, and it's just adding on from there), 0% (for rewrite)

OmnomBot, as you may have guessed, is an Omnimaga forum post notifier bot that used to be used for around 2 weeks when the old bot failed. It was then decommissioned and replaced by a new, spanky bot by Netham45. :) Progress: 100% (finished months ago! :))

NotifyBot is a WIP bot that is designed to really put the oomph in reminding people! Originally started from getting tired of reminding KermM to add features to saxjax (his forum post notifier bot, and OmnomIRC like chat all in one), as well as fix it, I created it to do some really simple notifying via highlights. In the future, per-user notifications (unlike the one-notice model it currently has), options allowing the bot to PM and NOTICE you, simpler time setting, and other fun little features are coming soon! Progress: 70% (for plain notifying), 0% (for rewrite and new feature adding)

File(s): Located at

2) PostNotifier for Linux/Mac
PostNotifier, originally written by SirCmpwn for Windows, is just a simple port of the original to Linux/Mac. :) It notifies you of new posts via popup balloon. It's currently inactive due to lack of interest and demand. Progress: 1% (code for grabbing RSS feed is in AtomBot and can be used easily)

File(s): None for this project

3) ShellTools
ShellTools is simply shell account and notification tools for Linux. It provides a user friendly interface from command line (CLI) to start X sessions, communicate with other users, and more. It's mainly aimed at people who wish to create a shell account service, whether public or private, or people who would like to have a user-friendly interface or management of the server via command line (CLI). Originally started on my VPS, it is temporarily halted as I move to a better VPS host. Progress: 20% (User adding tool and mail daemon/client has been implemented, although the mailer client is still a WIP. Other tools have not been made yet!)

File(s): None for this project yet, since they're in a hard to distribute form. If you wish to see it, ask. Files will be released soon when I move to a new VPS. Preview screenshot:

4) ProjectFrenzy!
ProjectFrenzy! is an online/website project bug tracker and feature lister using PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and AJAX. It was created from an idea due to the fact that all of the Axe Parser bug reports and feature requests were jumbled up in a 20+ page thread, in which plenty of ideas and bug reports get lost!  >:( (This is not to move any discussion to my website/script; all major discussions will continue on Omnimaga. It's just there for organization. Heck, integration with Omnimaga is available too! :)) This project features bug reporting and feature adding with voting, duplicate handling, and more! :D Not started yet, but will do so soon! Progress: 0%

File(s): None for this project

5) webFrenzy! (name subject to change and potentially a vote)
webFrenzy! is an online/website hosting control panel that will feature everything that cPanel, DirectAdmin, and zPanel has, but will be easier, more fun to use, and have more features. This project was formed with the realization that there's no decent control panel that isn't limited to one platform, or free and open source. This project won't start for quite a while due to the gigantic nature of it, but it will be using PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and AJAX. A "root" mode will also add Python to the project as well. Progress: 0%

File(s): None for this project

Unless otherwise noted, most, if not all of the projects here are under the GPL v3 license, located here: Simplified (this version is 3.0, the page is 2.0, but they're pretty similar):
I usually release them under the GPL because: 1) I like to help others learn the language; 2) I still get credits, even if it's open source!

So yeah, that's all I have for now! :)
No screenshots at all for any of my calc programs, but if you can take one, that would be great!

Please tell me if you're interested in a project, have suggestions, or would like to help out with one. :)

Web Programming and Design / VOTE..... on a domain name!
« on: September 14, 2010, 01:58:40 am »
...and no, this isn't an OTcalc poll in disguise. ;)

I found this awesome VPS plan (Economy, here:, and I'm in a need of a domain/subdomain to go with it.

There are 2 I've registered: (my username) (with vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment = with gusto)

If you are suggesting another domain, it has to be from, preferably ending with

I need a consensus by Sept. 14, 12 PM EST/EDT! :)

OTcalc / [OTZ80] Poll results! (Hardware)
« on: September 05, 2010, 09:07:18 pm »
Well, after tallying up the results, we have a winner! :)

First, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who voted. It's a community project, so we need a solid base of features to stand and develop on. Without YOU, this project that started from an innocent IRC chat and forum post wouldn't have turned into a massive project that hopefully will bob along in the coming months. Remember, we need U in Comm_nity to make it work! ;)

Anyway, let's get to the results: about 1-2 days ago, I counted all the votes in each website and poll, and tabled them inside Spreadsheet, which is basically an open source Excel, but not as good or as fun. :P That said, it definitely wasn't hard to use, but one of my complaints was getting the charts and tables to an image. That was a PAIN to do, but I found a workflow for it:

1) Copy chart or table to Drawing.
2) Resize the page to fit it.
3) Export the entire thing as PDF - make sure to choose uncompressed. (Images, I think?)
4) Open up the PDF in GIMP, adjust any import settings (I didn't need to, but as always, mileage may vary), and then export as a PNG. (Or make any edits and then do so)

100% FOSS, with these steps. Not bad, eh?

Anyway, let's actually get to the results. ;)

Here's the graph, with separate bars for the websites:

Here's the combined (both websites in one bar):

Here's the final table: (click to enlarge)

Let's break it down:

Wifi: Obviously it's kind of a no no for Wifi for not just the community, but the testing guys probably don't like it either. Obviously, the verdict is no (no Wifi).

Link cable: People love the port/cable size of headphones, and the fact that it's pretty common too. Yup, you guessed it: the verdict is 3.5mm.

SD card poll: This was definitely a tough decision. People loved the idea... but had to deal with licensing alternatives, and cost/implementation, plus the uses for it. Well, unfortunately for SD card lovers, the verdict is no SD card slot.

Screen resolution poll: This was quite an interesting poll. It's pretty hard to pick from 2, but this? Everyone had to pick from 4! Debates ensued, ranging from the processor's ability to handle such a screen, to having better features than the old TI-8x series. Obviously, no one chose the 96x64 screen again. In the end, there was a narrow lead for the winning feature - one that was just double of the old resolution. That's right - the verdict is 192x128.

Physical navigation poll: Apparently no one liked the touchpad (and for good reason - it's so darned small!). This final decision is old fashioned (so to speak). Obviously, the verdict is arrow keys.

Battery poll: Battery itself is an interesting poll. It's pretty significant, since that's the thing that gets the gears running inside the calc. Everybody had split decisions inside this poll, but the winner? The verdict is an AA battery (rechargeable if possible).

Keyboard/input poll: This was also an interesting poll, but pretty obvious too. It pretty much decides how you type stuff in, like when making programs. Needless to say, we love sticking to old habits. The verdict is alpha lock.

Backlit screen poll: This poll was pretty obvious. It's a pretty cool feature to have. The verdict is yes (have a backlit screen).

Battery indicator light poll: The idea itself kind of sounded shady a bit. It was an interesting idea, but as always, debates spurred questioning placement and usability. In the end, the verdict is no (no battery indicator light).

USB poll: This was also another interesting poll. Cemetech was pretty sleepy when this was posted, since there was only one vote (out of all the options, just one vote - what's up with that, Cemetech?). It basically asks "How do you want to connect your calc to the computer?" Some debates occurred with this one, but the final decision? The verdict is mini USB.

Wow.... that was pretty interesting, wasn't it? ;)

The next step in the process is getting a defined parts list that go together to implement these features. Threads/topics will be opened soon for those discussions.

So for a quick roundup of features:
No Wifi
3.5 mm link cable/port
No SD card
Arrow keys
AA battery (rechargeable if possible)
Alpha lock
Backlit screen
No battery indicator light
Mini USB

Final features (as in excluding the "nos"):
- 3.5 mm link cable/port
- 192x128 screen
- Arrow keys for directional input
- AA battery (rechargeable if possible) for power
- Alpha lock for alphanumerical and symbol input
- Backlit screen for viewing in dark places
- Mini USB for file transfers between calc and PC (or calc to calc)

All the source files (including the spreadsheets, both in Excel and OpenDocument format) are located here:

Again, thanks to everybody who voted! :D Let's hope that this project doesn't become vaporware... ;) (And I'm being serious too! Hopefully it'll be like the Pandora, without the downfalls and failures...)

[OTcalc] Z80-Hardware / [OTZ80] [DEADLINE] Voting deadline!
« on: August 25, 2010, 02:06:47 am »
Enjoying the vote and such? Great! But make sure you voted.
Voting will end this Friday, August 27th! So please make sure to hurry and vote! ;)
Note that new polls have been posted, so make sure to check them out, decide, and vote!

After voting ends, polls will close, and all the votes will be counted in both Omnimaga and Cemetech.
Results will be posted in the weekend or next Monday.

After voting is done, hardware selection will begin. Any hardware guru can contribute!
Eventually, we'll decide on a set hardware to build on, produce a prototype, write an OS
for the prototype, some QA for everything, then begin mass production. :)

Thanks to everyone who suggested ideas! Let's hope that this random idea from nowhere becomes
reality! :D

As the title says: do you want a battery indicator light?

Consider the pricing, the usefulness, etc. when choosing.

Note that the light can be under the power button, on the top, etc. (no actual decision yet), and
that the software can also display the battery levels at the same time (with the LED included).

[OTcalc] Z80-Hardware / [OTZ80] [Poll] Do you want a backlit screen?
« on: August 25, 2010, 01:55:49 am »
As the title says: do you want a backlit screen?

Consider the use, power usage, price, etc. when deciding.

Note that this includes both built in backlights, and separate backlights. Also, there is a hardware switch to turn it on.
(Can be controlled by software, if possible/needed.)

As the title says: What do you want the screen resolution to be?

Consider the CPU speed, the cost of the screen, and the use of the resolution.
Especially consider the cost - you don't want the screen costing a half or a third of the total cost!

Note that the screen will be grayscale, and that the size should be similar (maybe 1/4-1/2 cm off) to the TI-83/84 screen size.

As the title says: Do you want a touch pad (with the usual arrow keys surrounding it), arrow keys, or arrow keys with a small, flat joystick in the center?
(I'm referring to the Nspire's Touchpad, see here for details:

Think about how useful it might be, the cost, and support in the OS for it.

[OTcalc] Z80-Hardware / [OTZ80] [Poll] Wifi or no wifi?
« on: August 25, 2010, 01:18:12 am »
As the title says: do you want to have wifi in the OTZ80 calc or not?

Consider any regulations, power usage, etc. for this feature.

[OTcalc] Z80-Hardware / [OTZ80] [Poll] What kind of battery do you want?
« on: August 19, 2010, 01:56:39 am »
As the title says: What kind of battery do you want? :)
Keep in mind about usability, availability of batteries, power consumption, etc. before voting! :D

Happy voting! :)

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