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Official Contest / Reviewing Panel
« on: July 17, 2011, 06:31:00 pm »
So, concerning the Axe you guys think that having a group of people to review one entry each, in depth, posting their review(s) on the forum or something, would be a good idea?

Hey, I need help with a big sprite animation. I a little bit suck really bad at graphics for my games, so I need someone to design for me a 16*24 (about (bigger is fine)) sprite. I need a sprite that's a really fearsome looking beast, slightly resembling a Venusaur but without the flower thing, and more spikes / fangs / claws / stuff that makes him look way scarier, etc. The animations I need are him walking, jumping, and flying around. Oh yeah and he needs wings.

Gaming Discussion / Winning
« on: July 11, 2011, 04:30:41 pm »
In your opinion, what is the most satisfying way of winning a game? Out of a couple options, would you prefer to : get a high score, beat lots of levels, beat another player / AI character, or just have a blast playing the game even if you lose?

TI Z80 / Spacky Emprise Series - Contest Entry - Release
« on: July 08, 2011, 08:07:47 pm »
I've started a new project, called Spacky Emprise for the TI-83 plus series of calculators, written in Axe Parser. It's a platformer series of games, so far we're looking at about three games featuring our character, Spacky. It's a run-and-jump style game with a racing objective; pretty much beat your enemy to the end of the level or you melt. Development is about 60% finished on the first game, and some concept stuff has been done on the second and third games in the series. Basically each game is going to be an improvement on the last, with all new levels and added features, expansions and stuff like that; power-ups, different types of enemies, constantly improving graphics and animations, etc. Release date for Spacky Emprise (the name of the first game) is late July, 2011 obviously. Screenshots and whatnot to come.

EDIT: Game's finished. Check it out from my website,, or search it on


Not much, but I accomplished what I hoped to with this game. Look for a sequel that's going to be way better.

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