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Ndless / Re: Would Ndless 3.0 be possible through Lua?
« on: June 13, 2011, 08:50:45 am »
I was trying to add some things in the game I've been writing, when one relatively simple thing just didn't want to work. I wanted to print the value of a variable to debug my program, and this is what I saw (I tried it on the calculator itself and the same thing showed up):

I'm not going to conjecture anything at the moment (even though I have some ideas about what it might be). Now I'll just try and trim down the program while still keeping that thing there (and no, it's not a sprite), to try to better reproduce it.
Edit: oh and I'm talking about the theta and the two strange rectangles, not the game itself; I was just testing some things.

Great !
This game looks very nice, congrats !
(But the picture on the title screen must be quite heavy and not really useful)
Well, the picture on the title screen is the title screen picture after all. It might be heavy as raw text, but once it is processed and compressed by TI's tool, it gets very light. The "not really useful" is more subjective than anything else, some people might prefer to have a text-based game without graphics at all. They could just give out all those commercial games you see in shops in a small cardboard box; the artwork doesn't add anything to the game. I personally like to have a title screen, I guess I must be a perfectionist.

Do you use a to 'externally' save the score to a math variable ?
Yes, but I tried accessing it externally without success (which is a good thing). Maybe it creates its own namespace only accessible through the document itself.

I've tuned the settings (speed, gravity, ranks, the speed at which the size of the gap decreases, and now it's much easier to go up, so no need to furiously hammer the up key anymore), changed the way the cave is generated and modified some minor things. Now the cave has things like these (just slopes I guess):

Also now the game doesn't lose the high score as soon as you close the document. Now when you do quit the game, it should ask you whether or not you want to save the document, pressing yes will save the high score. The new download link should be there now.

What is the picture on the title screen?
It should be the exit of a cave seen from the inside. :°

i got to 1481 so far ty very much
btw i played it on my CX so it works there :D
but the highscore isn't saved when i close the program and then open it again
(i am not sure if thats a CX issue or normal one)
I know, I think I have a solution for that and will try to make it save the high score even after closing the program (Nspire's Lua doesn't allow writing in files though). I also changed adjusted some settings (adjusted speed, gravity, other things that make the game slightly harder and ranks); just updated the first post for the new download link.

Alrighty first version is ready! I added a new YouTube video so you can see what it looks like. I also added the download link if you want to try it out. It now has ranks (I'll let you discover them by yourself), the difficulty increases as you advance further in the cave and some other things.

This looks nice. Would you add "floating" walls( /me forgot the name ) ?
You mean in the same way as in the Flash game? I was thinking about, but wasn't sure if it would make the game too hard. I was also thinking about a "surprise factor" (which I will probably use) to have sudden drops or rises, adding some more difficulty to the game. Also increasing the speed of the "pixel" as it gets further. I'll maybe also add a light scrolling background. I'll try out and see how the difficulty is and stuff like that. I might even try to add an options page to change the setting, we'll see.

Wow ;D Looks like quite the fun tunnel game :D I hope it's not as hard as Psychedelic Tunnel, and I hope it doesn't ruin my screen as much ;) What are the controls?
Just up. The only thing you can do is give some power to the pixel (just as in the copter game I linked in my first post).


I've been working on a copter-like game called Pixel Escape for a few days. If you have ever played the Copter Game, you should know what this is about. It's the same thing except there's no copter, but a "pixel" (I initially wanted to make it with a copter, but while I was testing the movement with a primitive rectangle, I realized it was quite nice with a trail of squares (looks like a sperm I have to admit), and decided to stick with it).

I filmed it while playing, here you go: (Edit: I'm more or less constantly changing things so the video won't be up-to-date):

The number at bottom left is the current score, while the one in the bottom right is the best score. The game gets harder as your pixel gets further.
Download link somewhere here (june 16 update).
The controls won't be that great if you try it on the computer, especially because of the huge clock difference.
In order to save your score, close the document with the Ctrl + W key combination (which is how you close a document, for anyone who didn't know), it should then ask to save or not.

Hoffa, is there any way to get an offline converter, or is this only online?
Actually there is, and there have been one since TI released Scripting Tools. I had never noticed it (actually I did, but wasn't sure what it was for), but the button for "image serialization" actually copies to clipboard the TI.Image of an traditional image format (PNG, BMP, nearly anything).

Computer Programming / Re: Ashbad's C help
« on: June 09, 2011, 04:10:16 pm »
Concerning the second question, you could just define a new type with typedef; typedef unsigned char byte. If you want a nice way to store strings, you could statically allocate (i.e. it will be allocated during compilation; you shouldn't be able to modify them during execution) them by doing something like char *s = "I like turtles". If you want to be able to change your strings, just allocate some space with malloc and make a pointer point to the newly allocated space (and then you should be able to pass it around functions and modify the string as you want).

How was a checkers game made in Nspire Basic? ???
I guess with the graph thing, plots using tables and commands that have to be typed in a window. Dirty stuff basically.

Other Calculators / Re: I just got an Nspire!!!
« on: June 07, 2011, 03:28:09 pm »
What OS version lets me do 3D stuff?
3.0 and up (also Lua support)

Lua / Re: [Nspire] Pokémon Fuchsia -- An experiment
« on: June 07, 2011, 09:32:54 am »
Your project seems to have a problem: the map seems not to be scrolling.
Yeah as Ashbad said, the way Lua has been implemented on the calculator doesn't really allow smooth scrolling, as it would require to redraw the whole screen at every single step (and it's not even that fast without scrolling either). I might try doing something less smooth later (maybe Zelda-like on the NES, or just something that requires less redrawing) and see how it runs, but for now no scrolling (i.e. in the library I'm writing, not working on Pokemon at all right now).

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