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Re: Features Wishlist
« Reply #3480 on: August 12, 2016, 06:51:51 pm »
So, I've been thinking. About Axe. I have a couple ideas on changes.
1. Push over into a 3rd app page. Since you are optimizing heavily and can barely fit memkit in, it seems inevitable that the parser will push over into the 3rd page. It seems like a matter of time, and 1.3.0 would be a good time to implement it. This would allow more room for new features and possibly the implementation of other axioms.

If I wanted to add more than one or two features, this would probably be necessary. Throughout my heavy optimization process, I became more familiar with the layout of the Axe application and how it's split across two pages, so extending that to three may not be as challenging now. The one thing I'd be worried about is the one extra page being too much to ask of users with very limited archive space, especially basic 83+ users.

2. Add a way for axioms to be implemented in the parser. Perhaps a series of questions or some kind of application process would work.

It's not an official, but the way exists: just ask me. This of course depends on me actually adding them and making a new release, which I've been rather sluggish about lately.

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Re: Features Wishlist
« Reply #3481 on: December 24, 2016, 05:58:01 pm »
Well... I have a couple more thoughts.

A function that adds/subtracts and expression to a variable. It is like ++ and -- but with an amount defined by an expression. I was thinking EXPRESSION+ -> VARIABLE and EXPRESSION+ +> VARIABLE. While this wouldn't save any space on uses like: 5+ -> A, It would save the need to re-evaluate in cases like this: {A+4}+5 -> {A+4}

I know that some of the math functions on 1.3.0 are broken. Would it be possible to replace those with the working functions from 1.2.2a and still keep the speedy compile time?

Perhaps Axiom like parsing of assembly hex code inside the program? The command AxmAsm(HEX) could allow for the same replacing of labels with their correct address and the calling of axe functions (If that wasn't already avaiable)

Redoing the boxplot tokens to andr orr and xorr would be really nice so that it is easier to tell their function.

An improved text routine would be awesome! Displaying Text with Axe's Pt-on is faster than the Os's version (I tested) and I am sure that faster text would be handy in games. (I don't know about numbers)

Better constant support! Adding built in constants like the location of the pen and cursor would be handy. (but not really needed)

The ability to have a more general Select( that works on all commands would be nice. It would be nice if all commands returned a value. Even if that returned value is garbage, it should be up to the programmer not the parser to know what to use. That would fix the Select problem of course!

I don't know how to implement this, but allow a subroutine to know how many arguments were used to call it would be nice for using default values and overriding if no input is given. This would be really handy in libraries.

Like I mentioned before, "Run after compile" would be really nice. I think the reason is pretty obvious.

While it isn't a feature, I would like to know how Axe decides to do custom token replacements. Does it simply check if the os is in program edit mode and check the first bytes of the edit buffer? Or something more in depth? I would like to know so I can trigger the custom tokens in my programs without having to check each token.

Please tell me if any of my ideas don't make sense! I can supply assembly code for most of the ideas if you want.
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Re: Features Wishlist
« Reply #3482 on: March 05, 2018, 11:36:41 am »
It could be a good thing to back up the libraries used in a program.
Because if I lost those one, I haven't any save of them, only the main program ;)

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Re: Features Wishlist
« Reply #3483 on: March 08, 2018, 04:41:23 pm »
I'm not sure what you're talking about, but the compiler is able to read archived files, so just keep libraries archived and it'll be fine.