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  16. Refurbish/Recondition Ti-Nspire and Ti-Nspire CX
  17. Swapping CAS with CX hardware in shell.
  18. Think I just screwed up
  19. Update on CAS on CX method?
  20. TI-Nspire CX CAS Button remapped troubleshooting
  21. Is it possible to connect TI-86 to PC with an ordinary mini jack cable?
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  31. Hide ndless folder
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  33. Tinspire 3.9 Switching Pack
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  35. Domain error in 83 BASIC
  36. Sign apps on mac
  37. How to transfer nlaunch.tco when Computer Link keeps saying "file is corrupt"
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  40. Need help with ti nspire CX CAS 3.9 os downgrade
  41. I need help!
  42. Have anybody hacked the Ti nSpire's Touchpad ?
  43. Cx cas packaging
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  47. Help me out. I need more variables
  48. Where to start with programming.
  49. Scratched Ti-Nspire
  50. Help please (I'm a complete noob at TI Nspire CX)