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Re: [Platformer] Pyyrix's Most Excellent Adventure
« Reply #225 on: March 27, 2011, 09:16:16 am »
In the next 'version', it shall be called 'The Journeys of Pyyrix the Thief', a total reboot with better tiles (more than 80 different types), more items, updated sprites, and better levels.

HERE'S THE CATCH:  due to DJ and others wanting the old levels still, I WILL be adding them on in an unlockable content package!  The whole complete levels, rebooted with the new sprites and better responsiveness, for old school supporters to get what they want!  (And here's another catch: the old levels now total to 36K, but in the new version of the game, they'll be as little as about 8-9K TOTAL!)

I shall start a new topic for the reboot, since it's way too different to call the old version, but like I said this new reboot will have something fun for everybody to enjoy! ;D

EDIT: the new project will be presented here as progress moves along:;topicseen#new

EDIT2: since this project is now being rebooted, here is the secret cheat to see all of the levels without hacking -- in the cheats menu, hold down 'O', 'M', 'N', and 'I' and once and then let go!
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Re: [Platformer] Pyyrix's Most Excellent Adventure
« Reply #226 on: March 27, 2011, 02:06:07 pm »
I see, well good luck on the reboot!
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