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« on: February 03, 2012, 03:25:46 pm »
Okay, this a program I made a while ago (two or three years ago) that may still be useful to folks. It is a cheat code program based off of a program called CODEM that I made for an RPG (about 5 years ago). What the original did was it would take two strings (the name of the codes and the actual codes). It would then let the user select codes to use through a fancy-shmancy menu and then it would perform the codes.
The drawbacks:
Names were 16 chars, codes were 8 chars-- always
The undrawbacks:
The menu was really nice o.o It let you scroll through large numbers of codes (the program I made this for had 89 codes or something like that)

So why is CODEM in any way something you might want? Imagine this scenario:
You make a great game
You spread said game around your friends/school/internet/world
Some said folks try to cheat by modifying source codes and/or savefiles if they can figure it out
Said folks fail
Said folks break program
Said folks make an D: face and flood you with questions on how to fix it

So you might want to make the codes for them... After a few years I learned about Celtic 3 and that was when I made CODEM4 (there were a few versions before). Codem4 was a project in itself because I made a file system, code editing screen, error handling of almost any possible error (there were a few I could not do). I made all the code compressed, easy to select. It wasn't a graphical wonder, but it did have a lot of neat features that a programmer would appreciate (if not a regular person). Plus, I made it spit out a program that had everything precalculated (instead of converting codes on the fly) so running the cheat code could be done quickly and seamlessly without modifying any other variables.

Anyways, features:
If there are no code databases found, you will be prompted to create one.
You can add a description to it
if the name is already taken, you will be prompted again for a name
If you select a database with no codes, you will be prompted to add codes or not (selecting yes will take you to the code input screen).
When you select your codes and finish, the program (locked) CODEM will be created.

Now to run your cheats, you can just run prgmCODEM upon a special keypress or what have you. Of course, it is necessary that your program allows CODEM4 XD