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Re: TIPC-Basic
« Reply #15 on: August 04, 2011, 09:39:42 am »

It's been almost a year since I made this library for FreeBASIC. While it's pretty complete in its own right you could see the cracks of the limitations of the library pretty clearly. There were a number of commands that had to be renamed or otherwise they would conflict with native FreeBASIC commands. Conditional statements were pretty much uneditable. This was unfixable by design.

So I went deeper.

I took a look at the sourcecode of the FreeBASIC compiler itself. I'm now able to pretty much rename anything I like. I'm also able to edit the syntax of things like conditional statements. Although the latter is more like fighting in the bowels of hell. Still, I was able to change the syntax of the for loop in FreeBASIC (for A=1 to 10) into the TI Basic equivalent (for A,1,10), so I know it's possible.

What this concretely means is, this brings TI-Basic a whole lot closer to the PC! + You still have access to the goodness of FreeBASIC.

Plans for the future:
- Add more commands
- massive overhaul of everything I created so far. Rewriting documentation, making it more spiffy and userfriendly etc
- compile a client for Windows with the new syntax, add an IDE, add the library and repackage everything in a neat little package.
- Make everything opensource(library + my version of the compiler) so you can muck around with it + the advantage that people with linux/FreeBSD can compile it for themselves.
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