Author Topic: Compiling ndless demo in linux  (Read 2524 times)

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Compiling ndless demo in linux
« on: August 24, 2010, 10:59:52 pm »
For some reason I can't get the ndless demo to compile, I've followed the readme and installed the gnu arm toolchain and added the ndless/bin directory to my path.

Here is the output of what I get:
Code: [Select]
[tribal@aina ndless-v1.1]$ cd src/arm/demo/
[tribal@aina demo]$ make clean
rm -f *.o *.elf
[tribal@aina demo]$ make
nspire-gcc -Os -Wall -W -fpic -fno-merge-constants -D NON_CAS -c main.c
nspire-gcc -Os -Wall -W -fpic -fno-merge-constants -D NON_CAS -c utils.c
nspire-gcc -Os -Wall -W -fpic -fno-merge-constants -D NON_CAS -c vector.c
nspire-gcc -Os -Wall -W -fpic -fno-merge-constants -D NON_CAS -c particle.c
nspire-gcc -Os -Wall -W -fpic -fno-merge-constants -D NON_CAS -c particle_system.c
nspire-gcc -Os -Wall -W -fpic -fno-merge-constants -D NON_CAS -c gravity_particles.c
nspire-ld main.o utils.o vector.o particle.o particle_system.o gravity_particles.o -o demo.elf
/usr/bin/arm-elf-ld: this linker was not configured to use sysroots
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [demo.tns] Error 1

I am currently running Arch Linux kernel 2.6.35 x86_64, and for the gnu toolchain I installed 'community/cross-arm-elf-gcc-base'. I have checked the PKGBUILD of this package and it seems it is indeed configured with sysroots, so I am a little confused(configure parameter '--with-sysroot=/usr/$CHOST/arm-elf' is declared).

Can anybody help me out with this? I am a little stumped at what to do at this point :-\

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Re: Compiling ndless demo in linux
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2010, 11:50:45 pm »
Hmm...that is rather strange; unfortunately I use Ubuntu, not Arch, so there's not much I can help with :(
If all else fails, you can try compiling arm-elf-gcc using info from my UTI thread here (look at the last post for a tutorial link).