Author Topic: HELP : opening the prgm editor upon exiting an asm prgm|app (ti-8X+)  (Read 1965 times)

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Yo there...

In case the topic subject isn't enough, let me explain the challenge :

The idea is to be able to automatically open up the os prgm editor upon exiting an asm prgm or app, and make the cursor point to a specific token.
In other words, it would have the same effect as the goto option when an error is encountered during basic execution process.
I precise i don't need to use any of the _JError routines, since my app displays its own error messages (Those are only display routines anyway).

I suppose i could get this to work by doing something like this :
- open up the edit buffer, making the cursor point to the concerned token
- bjump to the routine the system normally uses when the goto option is validated by the user

I highly suspect this routine to be _GoToErr (4CD8h) but it is, unfortunately, undocumented.
My intuition also tells me _GoToErr may use some of the following system ram locations as input :
errNo (86DDh) > read by _JErrorNo (4000h) but it's not sure _GoToErr may need to read it (if it really does what its name says ofc)
errSP (86DEh) > What the hell this one is supposed to contain ?
errOffset (86E0h) > seems to be relative (0 for first token, etc)

I'm definitely stuck there and my project currently has the "standby" status because of this.
That's why help would definitely be appreciated (Ofc, i won't forget to include the helper(s) in the credits if the project actually sees the light.).

Thx for reading =]