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Registered Bots

Name Networks Owner Description
`EeemsChanserv/Botserv on Omninet
DictatorEeemsNew EeeZorBot
DTDeep Toaster:basic, :axe, :grammer, :calc, :bbify, :asm
SkittleGeekboy1011Various functions command prefix $
GeekbotGeekboy1011Displays commit messages to various community projects
RunerBotRuner112@sprite, @z80, @ez80
DoorsCSJonimusPrime~hcwp etc.
AaronBotalberthrocksGeneral utility bot | Features WolframAlpha (~wolf), Google (~google)
AaronBot2alberthrocksOp bot
haroldbotharoldInteger math functions
OmnomIRCSorunomeLinks EFnet, Omnimaga network, and OmnomIRC
TopicBotSorunomeHandles topic syncing
DerpyBotSorunome@axe, @bf (only in -spam), @google, @omnimaga, @ping, @xkcd, test, ping, marco, @youtube, @xkcd, @weather, @cas In #radio: displaying the current radio omnimaga track In #omnimaga: displaying new uploads to OmnimagaTV
^SorunomeOmnomIRC on Omninet
xkcdbotpbfy0Displays the title of an xkcd comic if a link is posted