Author Topic: Chinese text reader and IME on 9860 (by diameter)  (Read 3961 times)

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Chinese text reader and IME on 9860 (by diameter)
« on: August 12, 2012, 10:41:01 pm »
Here are some Chinese programs on 9860, just for fun!  ;D
I have got diameter's permission to release his Add-Ins.
There is a E-C dictionary by Wudy but I haven't asked him for permission to release it here.  ;)

User guide of the IME:
Copy simspell.g1a, hzk12.df, to flash.
Run simspell, press optn to use the IME and press vars to input punctuation.
The font file hzk12.df is shared by the text reader and the IME.

User guide of the txt reader:
Put txt files in flash or sd card, run the add-in, press left or right key to select file.
BTW, Anderain and Diameter is the same guy ;)
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