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I know not many people in the calculator community even really pay much attention to me since I'm not really important, but I am back again now that I have started electrical engineering college in the US. Now, onto the reason for my absence...
A little backstory on my pre-omnimaga days is needed to explain my absence.
So before I joined Omnimaga, back in 2016 I was a member of Cemetech. One of the reasons I joined that site is that I wanted to be able to have at least some sort of social life (at the time I was being BADLY bullied by 95% of my class because I was a nerd). But joining Cemetech at the time turned out to be a HUGE mistake. My attempts to get into a group where I could be "accepted" were, due to my severe immaturity and lack of social skills at the time, ended disastrously. The pinnacle of that was when I got bitten by the stupid placebo effect and made that thread about "overclocking" the TI-84+ SE. Although I quickly realized that I was wrong, I for months on end refused to admit it because I was too scared of admitting to being wrong. Over the course of the next few months, the stress in my personal life continued to destroy my mental health and consequently made me behave like a totally immature 2 year old on Cemetech. I eventually got banned (on or around July 24th 2016). I was then caught ban evading multiple times, and on the last attempt somebody told me that I was like one of those Walmart cashiers that claimed to be the coolest "hacker" but just used pre-made parts and sample code. That last comment ruined my self esteem and feeling of self worth for a good 2 years.

Enough backstory, now onto my Omnimaga and later days. So once I made my account here, I immediately felt like I was in a better place where I could start over again having learned my lesson on how not to behave online. But the mere fact that this site is super linked to Cemetech meant that I continued to have bad dreams about Cemetech for quite a while. I decided to stay out of the calculator community for a while. In the meantime, I went on to be a well-loved and super-helpful member of Android Central. I've aslo taught my self quite a bit more about electronics (including calculator hardware, of course), so I won't ever end up getting bitten by the placebo effect such as that that ruined my Cemetech reputation.

Fast forward to today, and I'm now finishing my second week of electrical engineering as a freshman at a well-renowned science and engineering university here in the USA. Everything is going super well, people here absolutely think I am the coolest guy they've ever met, the professors (especially the math and EE ones) really like me because I came in with much more knowledge of math and electronics than anyone else (I know so much that my EE prof now has mostly quit letting me answer questions because he wants the less advanced students, who don't even know how much voltage is in a wall outlet, to actually learn something instead of relying on me to answer instead of them). As for my personal life, I am now 6000+ miles away from the bullies that temporarily destroyed my mental health in 2016, and am now in perfect mental health and have become noticeably more successful at finding friends. Even though my campus is full of tech/science nerds, I still find it hard to find people who actually care about "extracurricular" calculator activities (gaming, programming, etc...), so I decided that rather than attempting to get unbanned from Cemetech (which I know will probably never happen, unless I get the courage to send Kerm an apology email) I would just come here to casually discuss calculator stuff.

Feel free to download any of my programs:

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Re: Back to the forums after a two year break, and my current status in life
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2021, 07:32:27 pm »
I am incredibly happy to see this topic, CalcMax. Posting this was probably not easy but it speaks volumes as to how much you’ve grown and I love seeing that. I will unban you from Cemetech and, if you chose to return, I look forward to saying Hello, having conversations, and reading about the EE projects you are working on! 😀

Edit: I want to say I was successful, but the old man in me is unsure since we’re slowly transitioning stuff on the back end. Please keep me updated if you still can’t sign in.
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