Author Topic: What should I do? Ecommerce issue  (Read 1289 times)

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What should I do? Ecommerce issue
« on: April 04, 2011, 09:42:19 am »
I don't know If any of you had a similar situation to this one,
but I really need help as this could be a way to get a Nspire CAS Cx.

I bought two calculators at

And then they when they site calculated the shipment it said it would be $3 (usd) for bringing it here [Brazil].

Then, I got this e-mail today:
Spoiler For mail:
Hi Rodrigo Mansueli Nunes,
the Status of your Order No. 6261 has been changed.
Comments on your Order:
We are unable to calculate postage on-line for delivery to Brazil. Would you like me to do that or refund PayPal payment?

My question is: If their site made this calculation wrong isn't their problem and they should give me the product, or they may not sell this to me?

Because I feel cheated by this whole system. ???

Sometime ago, I bought a book from a danish site, and it made the shipment calculation wrong too,
but they assumed it was their error, corrected their site, and send me the product. :angel:

So I was wondering how does this work on the USA...

Can anyone help me?
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