Author Topic: When students see a graphing calc for the first time...  (Read 3437 times)

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When students see a graphing calc for the first time...
« on: January 19, 2017, 10:00:42 am »
I live in Serbia (I am a Serbian-American), where graphing calculators are absolutely unheard of except among students in the American international school. In my city,  which is located 199 kilometers from the capital,  I decided to show off my TI-84+SE. Normally I don't take it to school,  but extra physics classes are an exception. Kids started crowding around me as I demonstrated flappy bird, Wolfenstein83 and other games. I started bragging about KermMartian's web browsing achievements. The  minute I mentioned that,  my physics professor raised his head and asked '' Internet?!?!?! ''. To make matters even funnier, as I was leaving the classroom for a moment,  that same professor started fiddling around with my calc without my permission. Everyone was behaving as if they had seen the '' God of Calculators'' or something of that nature. My calc also circumnavigated the entire planet and is now enjoying fame among my classmates.  Of course,  if I return to the USA,  I will probably be told that my calc sucks because of the monochrome display.

P. S. Keep in mind that 95% of the students in my school are low-IQ trash gangsters who abuse me and other smart kids.
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