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A revolutionary ARPGCS game
« on: November 01, 2004, 09:00:00 am »
WOW! Finally an update! In fact, due to computer problems, I haven't been able to update the website for a while (except for adding a web counter). I had to format the HDD so I lost everything. I switched to Windows XP and I re-installed some open source programs. I still have minor problems but I might try to fix them. Now updates are back with an awesome game:
user posted image
The Legend of Zelda: the Hero of Hyrule is probably the best ARPGCS ever created in history. Considering the ARPG Construction Set limitations and huge file output, this game really shows what can be done with simple stuff. The graphics are almost the same than in other Zelda games (not those flat brick walls found in most ARPGCS), the classic Zelda features are almost all present, the story is quite good and the game is quite long. The only drawback is that it's in french. Just to show how it's different from other ARPGCSs, in the TI-83+ version, even the menu have been translated in french, which is normally impossible with ARPGCS (you need to modify the .bin files). Congratulations to the author, Muller Fr
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