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200th news item!
« on: November 02, 2005, 08:22:00 am »
Despite of the decrease in news posting rate since august, Omnimaga has finally reached 200 news articles. Rather than just throwing away a 200th news article saying "OMG IT'S TEH Omnimaga 200th newzitem!!1!LOLOL!1!1!11one" I decided to wait to announce something more relevant instead.

There was major updates yesterday on the forums. Like some sections being split and put into one sub forum, others being moved to other categories and all categories have been renamed as well with the "Headquarter" theme. There was also a small bugfix in the skin that was only displayed very well in Firefox.

However most important update is the featured RPG project section. As you can see some RPG projects now have their own forum while some others are in another forum as topics. Since some members post their updates regulary on Omnimaga I though it would be easier for them if they had their own forums, rather than one single topic, so now if you want a section for your RPG project on Omnimaga you have two option: If you post your progress somewhere else you can have a topic with a link to the website where you post it, like on the old Omnimaga website, and people can comment on your project. If you want to post your progress on Omnimaga as well you can have your own forum for your RPG project, where you are given moderator powers. People with a project forum are put in a usergroup called "Coding Gurus", which is similar to the regular "member" group except that they can access a forum section hidden to guests and normal members and their names appear in purple colors on the boards. So far all projects that had 30 posts or above have been put in forums and moderator options were given to the 9 authors so don't be surprised if your nickname happens to be purple instead of blue-gray %)rolleyes2.gif .

On that, we encourage everyone to start coding and feel free to ask for help on the boards if you need some and enjoy. :)smile.gif
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