Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth Hits Alpha

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An epic RPG by Iambian, Zera, and Geekboy1011 has finally hit alpha!

Iambian has been working on and off of the Escheron series for 6+ years now. With many changes and restarts and changes of the engine its core design and base story. Attempted versions have ranged from a full featured grayscale version all the way to what they have now. A full featured black and white version, and yes while that may seem like a step backwards. Zera worked his artistic ability to give you something descriptively ornate anyway with a touch of old style charm.

They are currently looking for alpha testers to help find and hunt down any remaining bugs in the system that they have implemented. The alpha currently features a fully populated and interconnected overworld. Containing 99% of the NPC's, 99% of the chests and an almost feature complete set of maps. It supplies multiple ways of travel, land, sea and air. The ability to swap leaders and have guest NPCs in your party. It also shows off a randomly generated 8 level deep dungeon and some bed bugs?!? Sadly the only major feature missing at this point is a title screen.... Oh wait I meant the battle engine. Well it does not have a title screen either :P .

If you are interested in testing head over to the thread and put in an application and show some support!

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