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Small site update and upcoming stuff
« on: November 13, 2010, 02:26:45 pm »
On the New Posts page, we decided to bring back the Unread Replies feature that SMF forums got by default. It was originally replaced with the Latest 200 Posts page, as the Unread Replies page is not always reliable (when you accidentally close your browser or logout, it is sometimes cleared completly). However, due to the increasing amount of new topics being posted and project updates, the Latest 200 Posts page ended up being very cluttered and hard to browse, discouraging some members from checking new posts on Omnimaga. As a result, we have decided to re-add the link to the New Posts page. You should see the following at the top:

Latest 200 active topics | Replies to your posts | Latest 100 posts

As mentionned, in some occasions the replies to your post list will be cleared, even if you did not read the topics, because it is session-based for the most part, but it should be handy for people who don't want to browse through the large list.

In addition to that, we would like to remind members that we have a notification feature, if they want to be notified of replies in a certain topic.

Besides that, we will soon do updates to the downloads section.