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Website 2nd anniversary and public apology
« on: April 09, 2006, 02:49:00 am »
Today is the day Omnimaga website is celebrating its 2nd year of anniversary. The website started on as a small poorly coded portal, back in early 2004, then immediately moved to hosting. Back then Omnimaga used to have its own forums, which are still avaliable at in read only mode. It started as a TI-83 Plus only website, to later expand to all other TI calculator models. The website was solely devoted to calculator RPGs and calculator RPG programming. However back then the website wasn't known enough to have an active forum. When I joined Epic Programming Studios at Omnimaga forums closed and we used the Epic Programming Studios ones. In the meantime we reached the 10 MB limit at, then moved to Calcwebzine server. After that the website went into a small revamping, then it died on november 1st 2004. The server crashed, and until I got back Internet access Omnimaga was no longer avaliable. On February 1st 2005 it reopened on Earthforge, where EPS is still hosted. The website started getting more and more popular, but it is only on May 12 2005, when I moved to an Invisionfree portal and forum system that I realised it was more and more popular. This is when Omnimaga got back its own forum, which got between 15 and 50 posts per day at that time. It is also when Omnimage got his first staff members, since it used to be only run by me. Afterward it went through a period of inactivity, then in october 2005 it went active again, and activity constantly increased. EPS died, then I started a programming team right here. Omnimaga was no longer a RPG only website now, but also a programming team for TI and PC platforms, and all kind of games. This is what Omnimaga website is right now. On May 12th 2006 the Invisionfree version of Omnimaga will celebrate it's first birthday, with over 18000 posts and 250 members, and the largest programming team in size since TCPA (over 15 active staff), no matter if it will be running on Zetaboards or not until then. Thanks to all people who supported us so far.

However, while Omnimaga improved over those two years the last one have been marked with events that should not have happened, which I was part of. I would like to apologise for that. A few days ago I started the jpez and krnohj or whatever how its spelled petition. However it was unintentional. Over the months I ended up overeacting more and more to stuff that happened to the community, and I end up losing control of myself, doing stuff out of my control. This is killing me. To end all this yesterday I decided to ban myself from the Omnimaga forums. No more admin CP access, no more posting and moderator powers. I was about to delete the whole forum, so I prefered to do something to stop me from deleting the whole forums or doing anymore fuss in the community. I didn't wanted to ban myself and leave, but I thought I had no other choice. I even asked tifreak8x to promise me to not unban me until I feel like it.

This is what happened. As there is very good people on this forum, most ppl wanted me back, signed the petition spengo started to convince me to come back. I fear that I have lost, am losing or will lose members and staff with all the fuss I caused here in the past month (like kalan, who announced his retirement to me on IRC earlier, and some other staff who considered leaving). I understand your decision for leaving and I am sorry to see you go, you have been great asset to the team or the forums, were awesome ppl, I am glad I knew you. We will miss you over there.

I have to say I am very sorry for having caused this. Also sorry for all the fuss I caused in the community with my endless whining about small stuff and making huge things about it. I wish nothing of this happened. This include my huge rant on Unitedti one year ago, my spamming on Calcgames last summer, my Kerm bashing petition I posted on every forums I visited back then, jpez petition, the several forum shut downs over here (except the april fools joke) and some other stuff I might have forgot about. This made most of you upset, as well as other forums members. Again sorry for all this.

Now I am back, however it will not be the same again. I am leaving the rest of the TI community, meaning you'll never see me again on other forums and IRC channels. By that I mean also visiting. I want my overeacting to stop as much as possible, so to prevent me from risking of seeing something that will make me upset, I have no other choice but to leave every other places. I will no longer visit maxcoderz, revsoft, cemetech, UTI, etc. I might still go to rivereye and tifreakware besides Omnimaga and #omnimaga, but that will be about it. I am tired of causing grief to ppl with my never ending depression about this stuff. This have reached the point where staff decide to retire. Now I want to start new, and only focus on Omnimaga, and try to build a new and nice ti community.

Again sorry for everything. I think the best we can do now is to move on from this and focus more on programming, respect and help each others and try to make Omnimaga community an even more better place.

One other thing, recently the server experienced some slowdowns, with 3-10 seconds script execution time. However when I noticed that the hit counter reached 10000 only one week after I installed it on the website I didn't knew if I should cry or laugh.


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Website 2nd anniversary and public apology
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2006, 02:57:00 am »
Happy birthday Omnimaga! :gift:party3.gif

Also nice words, xlibman :ru13z:king2.gif