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Holy Palmers Kiss
« on: July 17, 2006, 06:32:00 am »
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Darcondia and Cassidy head to Madison to complete their assassination mission.  Jonas is left on the island underground to fend for himself while his sister and the Prince of Meridian complete their mission.

After crossing the Delta Valley, they must first take out the Blue Badge Battalion stationed on the other side of the valley.  This mission  must be carried out in stealth so the goal is to remain out of the Line of Sight (LOS) of the BB solders.  The enemy can only be engaged if they don?t see you coming, so you have to sneak up behind them without any other solders seeing you.

Next they make their way into Madison and split up to evade the BB. Darcondia must cross the Monster Infested Fields of Madison and meet up with up with Cassidy by the Grand Lake.  There they decide to sneak into the hideout as monks during the daily offering.   To do this the decide  to sneak into the Holy Appolos temple and steal two robes from the shrine room.

From there they are able to access the BB hideout.  However, when they enter the offering room, they find a trap waiting for them.  Cassidy is captured but Darcondia is able to escape.  With the help of a stranger he is able to evade the BB and make it back to Delta Valley.  From there he is formally introduced to the person who helped him escape.  Her name is Eve and she says that she is also from Meridian sent into Madison by Tagnon as backup.  Eve makes it very clear that retreat is not an option and that Cassidy must be rescued and Boss must be eliminated.

To save her they decide to employ opposing tactics.  Darcondia, with his brute strength will distract the security by bum rushing the front gates while Eve sneaks around back and into the cells.  From there Eve is able to free Cassidy.  The two make their way up to the center chambers where they find Darcondia about to confront Maximillion himself.

Maximillion has wore down Darcondia but together the three are able to defeat him and escape.  Before they finish Maximillion, he claims to have knowledge of a secret weapon being developed by Tagnon.  This weapon is powered by ancient technology and wheeling the ultimate cannon Invincible.

It becomes very obvious that this story is just beginning.