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« on: May 24, 2006, 02:27:00 pm »
A port of Loom, the classic LucasArts Graphic Adventure from back in the days when DOS was the only way to run your PC games.

Loom takes place during the Age of the Great Guilds. You are an outcast member of the Guild of Weavers who awakes on his 17th birthday to a messenger nymph calling you to visit the elders in the temple. You arive, and before your very eyes you see played out the end of the trial of Mother Hetchel, the only person who ever cared for you after your real mother's death. The elders condemn her to Transcendence, and weave a powerful draft to change her into a swan. But the draft backfires. She becomes an egg, and within moments a swan crashes through the large stained glass window of the sanctuary and weaves the Transcendence Draft on the elders themselves. The new flock of swans fly off amidst curses to your name, which leaves you totally confused since you have had nothing to do with any of this. You pick up the powerful magical distaff that elder Atropos was carrying, and weave an Opening draft upon Hetchel's egg. She emerges and tells you that the pattern of the universe is beginning to fail of its own accord, and within its fabrick the third shadow of chaos is starting to gather. You and your kind are left with only two options: turn yourselves into creatures of shadow, or plan your escape.

Here's a look at some details of the game:

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