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Zelda Plot
« on: January 21, 2006, 03:18:00 pm »
heres the start of the Zelda plot i wrote out:

Storyline of Zelda:Nightmare's Awakening:
   Long ago in the beutiful Kingdom of Hyrule, there was a great war over the

powerful Tri-force peices. The dark leader, Vaitti lead his troups to invade Hyrule and

steal the Triforce. When all was almost lost, a hero arose and challenged Vaitti's rule

and fought him on Death Mountain. The hero defeated the dark lord, but in Vaitti's last

moments,he cast a spell. One that would seal himself and the hero in a dream state, until

they were reawakened...
   1000 years later,on a dark, omnimous night, by pure chance,lightning struck and

hit the peak of Death Mountain electrifying a black tomb. The lid was blown off, and a

figure arose from its long slumber, alas, a nightmare has awakened.
   A few days later, dialogue between the guards of the gate to Hyrule Castle:
Gaurd 1: "I hate this weather,Its been so foggy lately and the rain seems never to stop."
Guard 2: "I know what you mean, cant see squat through this fog, wait what's that..." (a

gust of cold air blows through.)
Guard 1: "What! Where?"
Guard 2: "Over there, from the south."
   The outline of a figure is seen, apparantly a man, covered in a dark cloak, with

a locket of albino hair hanging out. He heads closer and closer...
Guard 1: "Stop right where you are, and state your name and purpose for coming to Hyrule

   The man smirks as he's less than 15 feet away now, not intending to stop at all.
Guard 2 and 1 raise their swords, Guard 2: "If you don't stop, we'll have to raise the

   As the man narrows in, he raises his hand....Guard 1:"What the..........." A

blast of energy and both guards lie dead on the ground. The figure continues on and

enters the castle.
   He quicky strides to Princess Zelda's room, killing guards as he goes along. When

he reaches Princess Zelda, who's sound asleep, he puts his hand above head. Muttering

some dark words,Princess Zelda slowly begins to float in the air, and then suddenly the

triforce is extracted from deep within Princess Zelda's mind. She falls down and

collapses on her bed while the triforce is being asorbed by the stranger. He takes the

Triforce of Power, and stabs it in his own heart. He then shatters the triforce of

Courage, and with a flick of his wrist, all the shattered peices spread across land.

Finally, with the triforce of wisdom, he opens a portal to a Nightmare world, and steps


   As thunder crackled on Death Mountain,a young woman, hurried home out of the

rain. She strides to the bed to check on a young man she found in Deku Woods a week

before. He was clad in green and his face seemed young, yet worn as if hes seen and lived

to much. As soon as she found him lying on the ground, she took him back to her house and

took care of him, yet the young man neither stirred nor moved. Instead, he seemed to be

locked in a timeless trance...waiting to be awoken.The womans name was Saria and she

lived in the peaceful snug Deku Village.Protecting the Great Deku Tree which lied beyond

in Deku Forest. As Saria moves to make some soup, the young man suddenly stirs, and

groans out, "No!!". He tosses and turns and throws off the covers.Saria rushes to his

side as she sees his eyes open, he had deep clowd-blue eyes that seemed to penetrate your

Saria: "Its all right, everythings all right, your safe. can u tell me ur name and where

u came from?"
   The young man stares at her, and then at the ground and tries to recollect his

past, but it seems as if his memory was locked away and all he could remember was his

Man:"i cant remember anything, except that my name is Link..."
Saria:"well Link, i guess we'll have to find out more..."