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Old Memories
« on: June 18, 2005, 02:50:00 pm »

I didnt knew this forum still existed O_Oshocked2.gif

actually back in august the webmaster decided to ask yAron over to have this forum converted from PHPBB to YN format and host it on yAronet because on the vvlr server it was way too slow. Now this forum is hosted at yAronet here and almost all posts have been backed up (lot of old posts are missing):

However by browsing google I ran into a link to this forum and it worked. I can even view the topics, the only thing is that going on the forum main page redirect to the new forum so to view a different forum you need to change the ID number at the end of the URL above and if you are lucky you will fall into another forum section. I know most of you dont speak french but I actually been very active on this forum in the past and it's nice sometimes to have memories of old stuff :)smile.gif
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