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thank you and this is more in-depth of what i was thinking
since the ti-83/84 keypad gives you more access to assembly then why not try and find a way to bypass the emulator and go strait for the hardware IE the screen, keypad, memory - flash and ram
what if you could just redefine the emulators parameters and then it would basically be an extreme ti-84
better screen resolution more ram faster CPU and so on

in a nutshell just redefine the emulators parameters

just ideas - sorry i think of things as just inputs and outputs I'm still young and just want to learn

ah ok thank you

i don't know much about assembly but i was thinking wouldn't it be better to try and make a framework for the ti-84 keypad accessing the ti-nspire's hardware?
Texas instrument seems to have a bee in their bum over hacking the ti-nspire keypad. all we want is the hardware so why not use one of the best calculator platforms and improve it?

if it is possible
this is my first post on this site and i just want to know if its possible

yes i am already aware that i am probably asking a stupid question and if my idea is stupid or impossible then please tell me so i don't bother other people with it

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