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Definitely very late as I had moved on from this and also sorry about necroing the thread. But for anyone who stumbles upon this, this is the link to the blog post I used to upgrade my fx-9750gii OS to the one used by the fx-9860gii:

The bootcode doesnt work when my usb cable is unplugged thats the problem it just shows a square it pauses for a second. That or im pressing them wrong

Try the file I attached, I don't know if it still works cause my bootcode doesn't seem to work.

I went searching online for some information online on how to convert my fx-9750gii to a fx-9860gii and I eventually got it to work (e-act and spreadsheet show), then I found that people had periodic tables on their calculators from addins. I would like to know how I could get the addins installed.
(Also I can't us the bootcode anymore, as every time I try it has a square at the top right and loads to the main menu)

For those who want to know:
Version of calculator before flash 02.02.0701
Version of calculator after flash 02.02.0201

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