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I can't belive it! It's almost done! This could be one of the best things on the ti 84 plus ce calculator  :thumbsup:
Which month do you think that it will be completed though?

That's great news! It is currently Spring of 2018  :3. I can't wait until it comes out! Keep up the good work! ;D

Hello calc84maniac!

Do you have an estimated date on when ti boy will come out? My friend has pokemon yellow on his calculator and I kind of want to join him. Take your time on this project, but when do you think this will come out? ;D

Just picked up a Ti-84 Plus CE for algebra 2 and have been having a blast with Oiram,Pacman,and the likes.Stumbled over this thread and I'm in awe at how smooth the emulator can run things compared to my sisters old Ti-84 SE version.Hope to see a release soon so I don't die of boredom in class! :w00t:

Same here! My friend has Pokemon Yellow and he is having a lot of fun on it too. Maybe it will come out near Christmas and we concider it as a Christmas gift  :3

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