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News / Re: TI-30X MultiView programming coming soon?
« on: October 22, 2018, 05:17:47 pm »
Hello! I'm a random internet stranger who's decided to make an account to contribute the information I have about T4X chips. I feel kinda disappointed with the inactivity of this thread considering the great amount of effort put into getting documentation for the ISA. After hours of tediously scouring google (and bing), I have most of the datasheets for T4X chips including datasheets for:
  • JTMP04030-XXXS
  • JTMP04060-XXXS
I also got a datasheet for the engineering sample chip JTMP04090-XXXS :o
However I currently cannot find datasheets for:
  • JTMP04100-XXXS
  • JTMP04081-XXXS
  • JTMP04070-XXXS
Here's a github repo with a zip containing all the pdfs:

I hope my contributions are valuable ;)

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