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TI-Nspire / Re: SDL ports for Nspire
« on: September 06, 2015, 11:17:31 pm »
Hi gameblabla! It's fantastic! So many ports! Nice job!

And I'm asking for your permission to translate your posts and post them on a Chinese calculator forum (aka I will add introduction to the games and game consoles which are emulated.

TI-Nspire / Re: KuroRPG - RPG Maker - Demo released
« on: September 07, 2014, 11:04:05 pm »
By the way, will the general public be able to create RPGs on the computer like in the screenshots above or will it be exclusively on-calc?

The current game maker is a PC program based on SDL. Thus it's easy to port to NSpire. Yet the author plans to re-write the PC version of the game maker in Qt.

I've added the homepage of this project.

TI-Nspire / KuroRPG - RPG Maker - Demo released
« on: September 07, 2014, 06:55:29 am »
hikari.uiharu from Scalc is working on a RPG maker for NSpire. The project is named KuroRPG. Now a game demo created by KuroRPG has just been released. (The demo is in Chinese. But don't worry, there will be English interface support for the game maker.)
The demo is compiled directly from a PC version and doesn't have a good optimization.


1. Create a folder named "krpg" on your NSpire.

2. Put game files in this folder.

-Game Play-
W/A/S/D or 8/5/4/6 for up/down/left/right.
Z/X or 1/2 for OK/Cancel.
Esc for a force exit.

Based on SDL, KuroRPG will support most functions of RPG MAKER XP.
Future plan includes a RPG creator, a data editor and a script editor. The script language will be lua.
Also there will be a special development mode for Tower of the Sorcerer, a very popular RPG in China, originated in Japan.
Coming Soon...

Source: Scalc
Project Homepage

Other Calculators / Several strange NSpire prototypes found on taobao
« on: August 27, 2014, 05:07:45 am »

We found some interesting prototypes on taobao recently.

NSpire CAS+ with original Quick Reference Card and CD. I wonder what's in that CD? ... 1824754&ns=1#detail

NSpire Touchpad with... OS 1.x??? The menu shown in the photo must be OS 1.x. However NSpire Touchpad came out after OS 2.0. ... 9593963&ns=1#detail

Seven different types of NSpire Keyboard. (Collect the seven keyboards and summon the NSpire CX CAS XD )
Including DVT and EVT versions. ... =qclbodn28f3#detail

SO MANY second-hand NSpire CX. China is the biggest importer of electronic waste( I guess ;) ). Then we get cheap second-hand electronics. ... 6-847a-500e28d354bd

Source: Scalc

TI-Nspire / Orton and Princess comes to NSpire!
« on: August 25, 2014, 11:00:16 pm »
After the port of WP-34S, we now get the port of the classic game Orton and Princess on 9860-platform!
Ported by the enthusiastic programmer hikari.uiharu.
He was an active developer for CASIO fx-9860 series... until his own 9750 bricked. Then he turned to NSpire.

Please notice: It's NOT a simulator or emulator! It's just the game itself!

Game Play:
8 Up
6 Left
5 Down
4 Right
+ Jump
- Pause
esc Exit

Unfortunately those fun tips disappeared because they require PrintfMini command :(

Just have a try!



WP-34S, known as the most powerful scientific calculator on the earth, now has been ported to NSpire;D

Thanks Zweb for bringing us such a nice simulator!
Thanks hikari.uiharu for making the key map in the simulator!
Thanks the 34S project team: Pauli, Walter, Marcus & more!

The simulator has a very nice UI. Press the VAR key to see the remapping definition. Press the Sketch key can switch the register display (XYZT/ABCD/LIJK).

Please notice that currently it won't work on a clickpad NSpire.  :(

Some beautiful pictures:

Spoiler For Screenshots:

Spoiler For Running on a real CX:

As an open-source project, 34S has been ported to PC and iOS. And now it's the first time that we see a well functional simulator running on NSpire!

The WP 34S function set is based on the famous HP-42S RPN Scientific, the most powerful programmable RPN calculator built so far. We expanded this set, incorporating the functionality of the renowned programmer‘s calculator HP-16C, the fraction mode of the HP-32SII, probability distributions as featured by the HP-21S, and added many more useful functions for mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, programming.


Other Calculators / Re: Why is it impossible to downgrade from OS 3.9?
« on: August 21, 2014, 01:27:55 am »
Hmmm you are right. Only possible on HW<J.

Other Calculators / Re: Why is it impossible to downgrade from OS 3.9?
« on: August 20, 2014, 03:45:58 am »

Well it's confirmed that it's still possible to downgrade OS 3.9. First delete OS, then delete boot2 and flash boot2 through TTL, then use nLaunch to enter OS 3.1 and use the NandManger to delete the minimum OS information.

The full process has been post here:

Other Calculators / Why is it impossible to downgrade from OS 3.9?
« on: August 19, 2014, 05:13:07 am »
What if I flash the boot2 through TTL?

Other Calculators / Re: Summary of Recent News on
« on: June 09, 2014, 08:45:11 pm »
The ArithMax Entry is in alpha test phrase. We want to put it into mass production, but there still are problems to solve...
There are several reports on TI-Planet(in French of course).

BTW, the similar project of the hp community is the 43S, a fully new-design calculator. The 34S is based on HP-20B/30B.

Other Calculators / Summary of Recent News on
« on: June 09, 2014, 03:51:16 am »
Hi all, I've just finished my College Entrance Exam! Here is the recent news on cnCalc, the Chinese community.
And I suggest Bing translation for English readers. It's far better than Google.

Hikari.uiharu (Also Anderain Lovelace) released KuroScripter, an ONS-like text adventure engine. And the first game ported is the legendary... (#NSFW)じょそうさんみゃく!

Nbzwt updated the ArithMax OS. ( is the update log:
Code: [Select]
1.  Auto power off is supported.
2.  The contrast setting will be saved after power off.
3.  16-line scrolling display is supported.
4.  Add the 2048 game. ( Input 2048() in calculation mode)
5.  Fix the FSMC bug mentioned in
6.  Increase the RAM allocation to strengthen the stability.
7.  Fix the bug of maximum contrast.
8.  Fix the bug that can't input letter J in alpha mode.
9.  Add the time display function.
10. Fix the CPU frequency adjustment bug. The origin freq of previous OS is 84 MHz, half of the designed speed.

Chinese font is added and gray-scale display is also accomplished, all by 诗诺比. ( and

A small modification version of the ArithMax PCB is made by 怺逺_海子. A serial port output is added on the top. (

Nbzwt made this advertising video, which shows how he assembled the ArithMax:

He also wrote the guide of building the development environment:

A surveyor uploaded several photos of his CASIO FD-10 Pro. (Quite professional)

News / Re: fx-FD10 Pro: New Casio graphing calculator for China
« on: March 29, 2014, 09:16:35 am »
@Northern Snow: Ahh, that explains the design. I wonder why the hell it's so expensive? ???

Maybe it's because 10D Pro aims at those road and bridge construction companies instead of individual buyers. Also, engineers are usually less sensitive to the price than students. IMHO it will be success because it caters almost all the needs of engineers who needs to do measurement and calculation in the out space. It's the first calculator reaches IP4 standard, the first supports backlight keyboard and CSV importation. That's exactly what those people want.

There are more ads here:
You will have a better understanding about the calculator.

News / Re: fx-FD10 Pro: New Casio graphing calculator for China
« on: March 27, 2014, 11:12:56 am »
Hey please notice that it is NOT a graphing calculator! It's the successor of the fx-5800p, a PROGRAMMING calculator designed for engineering. (Maybe we will find a way to flash the 9860 OS, but the keyboard is a big problem then)
 Also it haven't been decided yet whether there will be an international model according to a manager of CASIO China.

Other Calculators / Calling for all RTOS developers!
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:54:50 pm »
Nbzwt (Zweb on omnimaga) recently works on the ArithMax EV2, a DIY calculator based on hi-performance STM32F2 microcontrolle.

So many DIY calculators appeared, but most of them have no keyboard, let alone going into mass production.

But this time, things are different! ArithMax will have a keyboard, and we have a plan to put it into production!


CPU:i.MX233 ARM9 from Freescale @ <=454MHz
RAM:DDR333 64MB HY5DU121622D 16bit
Screen:2.6'' 640*480 307ppi resistence screen 200nit TD026TTEA1 LTPS TFT LCD
Keyboard:支持外部连接8*8矩阵键盘或通过i2c、spi总线连接键盘。(Professional terms, don't know how to translate XD)
Samples supporting the keyboard frome fx-82es plus and nspire touchpad.
IO:SJTAG,Serial Port, video output, TF card, USB



I have to say that the 9750GII is FAR more powerful than TI-83/84, from hardware (faster CPU and larger memory) to software (once you upgrade it to 9860, you will see the familiar natural display on your 570ES. Also, CASIO does a better job in integration. Far more precision than TI)
Even if you own a Power Graphic 2 model, still you can upgrade it. But all the related information is in Chinese. Maybe you can contact chsi at for translation. ;)

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