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Casio Calculators / Looking for a casio OS backup
« on: April 06, 2012, 03:46:26 pm »

I'm looking for a OS backup who have a OS version > 02.02 or something like 2011.XXXX.XXXX for the Date0 / DateA

Or something that can may works with fxremote 4 and a FX-9750GII-2.


I bought a casio FX-9750 GII-2 on january 2012 but the os version is 02.02.2201 and Date0 = 2011.0801.1255 / DateA = 2011.0525.1010. Unlucky, when I try to send a OS backup with fxRemote, fxRemote crash ! (At this moment, the casio screen display "OS RECOVER 2.03 Waiting...)


Introduce Yourself! / Me : Heyy !
« on: April 06, 2012, 03:17:51 pm »
Hi !

I'm 17, from France, and i want to become home automation installer later.

I'm not good in Englih, but I trie to do minimum mistakes.

I own a FX-9750GII-2 (bought in January) with OS version 02.02.2201, which it not compatible with the fxremote :'(

So, I want to launch me in the hacking of calculators... but how ? If anybody can explain me where begin to learn, it would be great !!!  ;D

Have a nice day !

NB: Cfxm (or SimonLothar), if you look at my post, can you try to get source code of fxremote ? I think it will be re-lanch the casio hacking communauty. Thx !

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