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Gaming Discussion / Dead Frontier 3D - Survival Horror MMO
« on: January 17, 2011, 07:43:07 pm »
Dead Frontier 3D is a free online multiplayer zombie survival horror game, played in your preferred browser, inlcuding an economics system, a class system and a lot of gore and weapons. The best way to figure out how it looks and feels it by watching the next video and/or testing it out yourself (clicky).

I'm basicly looking for people to play with, cooperative, from time to time (: I asked the few people I've gathered already to take my e-lastname "Belgier", as in CallumBelgier, MikhailBelgier, TimmyBelgier and JoeyBelgier, obviously :P

The story isn't that great, the game is still in development, but it's already a nice MMO Gore-Shooter. If you actually want to read the story, click here.

Humour and Jokes / lol
« on: May 01, 2010, 07:59:09 pm »
Watch this xD

Found a way to embed it :D

Humour and Jokes / Girls interested in games, and calculators! D:
« on: April 02, 2010, 01:07:36 pm »


Other Calculators / Glow in the Calc
« on: November 27, 2009, 12:30:06 pm »
This is just an idea but..
I see a lot of people wanting to get LEDs or ELs in their calc, to have a back light. This turns out to be hard to assemble in many cases (which sometimes results in complete calc-messups) AND drains your battery level like a cruel monster.

So, I was thinking (already a while ago, I just post it now) why not use something like this?
1 It's free energy, so it doesn't use your batteries
2 It can give light for up to 8 hours (make it 4 hours decent light )
3 I think it would be eeeaasy to assemble

Why? Well, last time I was screwing around with a calc (simple + - / * thingy) I learned that the output gets displayed on the glass/plastic plate ( in the case of the calc I was peeking in, it was glass).

Furthermore, the backplate of the screen (the grey-metalish plate thingy) was loose from the glass plate, which allowed me to simply cut some paper in the right size, paste it in, and voila, the display was black on white, which looked a lot better and clearer than before. I don't get why they don't make all those plates white, it's waay more clear. You actually get the screen quality of an emulator this way.

Anyways, IF the backplate of a TI screen is also separate(able), you could place a piece of glow-paper between it and, yh, there you'd have your own backlighted calc, with not too much of a hassle to assemble, and not draining your batteries...

Quick made drawing to clarify the idea (it's paint-crap)

Miscellaneous / Omnimaga 2009 Video
« on: November 14, 2009, 12:01:59 pm »

TI Z80 / Basic FPS Wolfenstein
« on: November 02, 2009, 08:19:48 am »
Ehrm so yeah, I just might make a game :P
I mean, I've been here for 4 months now, and I havn't contributed something of my own yet so..
OK, this might take a while ( maybe never gets finished either) c'z this would still be my first full program.
The only thing I have atm is a spash screen, don't get too excited, it's just 2 pictures changing in a loop, and a ClrDraw everytime x.x
But hey, let me nub mah own way  8)

actually, It does look a tiny little bit better on a real calc <_<

EDIT; YES I run it from MirageOS, Hell no it ain't asm/hybrid/whutever
just putted ::"Wolfenstein on the first line of code, things just look cooler when you open them from MirageOS  ;D

Computer Programming / Need help with 2008
« on: October 18, 2009, 12:42:09 pm »
Ehrmm, mah question is: how can you make a prgm with VB that when you want to open it, it opens your standard browser and opens a specific sit in it

Example: A program that opens Omnimaga
a desktop icon of it
and when u click that icon, Omnimaga opens in yr browser

anyone know this is possible/how to do this?

I use Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition btw, but I just started to learn to program in it D:

Humour and Jokes / I has found a photo of a calc! xd
« on: September 24, 2009, 03:06:20 pm »

it's a TI as far as I can see, maybe a 83 or something

anywho, I was just looking for those 'fail-photos' and this one showed up, I had to c/p it D:

EDIT: if this is too pron, I'll instant delete it, but no complete body parts have been exposed so..

General Calculator Help / PC can't detect Calc
« on: September 03, 2009, 12:01:02 pm »
Ok, this seems to be a common problem, but I haven't found a solution for it.
What happens (or should I say what doesn't happen) is,
If I want to connect my calc, and the application is searching for it, it can not detect my calculator.

In most cases it is caused by installing TiLP when TiConnect is already installed on your PC (or just the same thing inversed, when you install TiConnect when TiLP is already installed)

Although it happens too with only one of them.

Anyways, I read it should have something to do with the drivers.
Does anyone know how to 'repair' the drivers, or in any way, solve this common problem?

An advice to all that don't know yet:
Never install TiLP when TiConnect isn't fully uninstalled, or TiLP when TiConnect is!!!

Other Calculators / Grand Theft Auto
« on: August 11, 2009, 04:21:52 pm »
Iv'e been playing GTA4 for a week now
and it made me want to have gta 1 like thing on a ti84
Is it possible ? Tell what you guys think

btw, Iv'e played one of those text based GTA's for 83+ series, still quite fun actually, although boring after a while

Miscellaneous / Invading Omaha Beach, Normandie
« on: August 04, 2009, 03:56:55 pm »
What I want to say with that title is:
I'm going on vacation (whoohoo  :-X )

I'm sorry guys, but the chance is big you will lose one of your best asm-programmers for something like 10 days


Okay, maybe I can't even program anything decent in basic, but oh well
Anyways, if I don't have an internet connection at the camping, you won't hear anything from me for a while

Still, I have my calculator, laptop to backup stuff and a full tutorial on how to program in basic with me.
So I might make some wolf levels during vacation (although not those I talked about earlier, just some random arena things or such), maybe even some mario levels (putted it all on my laptop in case I have the time and motivation)

I might make a little text rpg too. With as theme my location (Normandie Beach that is (but anno 1944 in stead of 2009))

So, after my way too long post with way too much use of '(' and ')'
I might just say goodbye for now  =]


Other Calculators / More RAM?
« on: July 29, 2009, 11:18:57 am »
"The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition was released in 2004 as an upgrade to the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. Like the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, it features a 15 MHz Zilog Z80 processor, 24 kB user available RAM (the actual chip is 128 kB, but TI has yet to code support for the entire RAM into an OS), and 1.5 MB Flash ROM. Like the standard TI-84 Plus, the Silver Edition includes a built-in USB port, a built-in clock, and assembly support. It uses 4 AAA batteries and a backup button cell battery. If you take out the batteries while the TI-84 is running, it clears the RAM. TI offers yellow versions of this calculator to schools. Owners can buy other interchangeable colored face-plates and slide-cases online. A kickstand-style slide case and other accessories are also available. The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition comes preloaded with a variety of programs, including App4Math, an interface upgrade that allows students to input math problems exactly as they appear in the textbook."


did anyone ever managed to use this/figured out how you could use this?
Or is the chance we'll ever be able to use it 0,0% .

TI Z80 / New levels for Wolfenstein
« on: July 27, 2009, 04:00:43 pm »
I'm going to make a new levelpack for wolfenstein  :)
Although there was a level editor included with the game,
nobody ever published any new levels, so that's why I, Joey NecroFuckk, will make one :p

Although that's not the only reason, others are:
-I do feel like contributing something, but I don't have the skills to program something decent myself
-I'm just into WW2 Shooters ^^

I will make a new storyline (some care, others don't, but it is kinda crap to make stuff randomly, I think)
The story will be included in a stand alone program you can view on calc. It will be a bit like the briefing in other games.
I'll write the Storyprgm in basic but you'll be able to view it in MirageOS.

The levelpack itself will have at least 5 levels, in various environments.

As for now, that's all folks! 8)

What is your top 3 First Person ASM Shooters for TI83+ (SE) & TI84+ (SE)?

If you want, say why too ^^

Greets J.NF

Art / Greyscale First Person Shooter for the TI-84+SE!
« on: July 17, 2009, 11:23:10 pm »
random boringness at 5Am
a with paint made 'screenie'

It'd be cool though

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