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General Calculator Help / Games on Nspire?
« on: May 17, 2011, 04:41:53 pm »
Hi guys! This year my school decided to introduce TI Nspire CAS into the syllabus, but we don't use it much at all. Yesterday I saw my friend playing Mario, Pokemon Red and even PacMan on his CAS! So I decided to investigate a bit and found these forums! Anyway, lets get to the business...

Both mine and everyone else's CAS in the school have 2.1 version on them, and when I downloaded Ndless, it worked too after installing (or at least it gave OK window after instalation). Sadly, the gameboy emu doesn't seem to work! Whenever I launch it, the CAS just reboots.  ??? I used all the files I found in the Downloads section of this forum if that helps!

Oh, and my friend had each game in a different folder with 2 files in each one, whereas the emu is just 1 file and I can't seem to find anything for the emu to emulate in this forum...  :-\

I'm sorry if I'm doing something really dumb, I have no idea how this stuff works! And please forgive my English, it's my 2nd language.  :)

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