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Strangely, when I trie to transfer some games or files, it keeps giving me a strange error that I Have never found on any forum !

Calc : TI 84+ SE
OS : 2.55 MP
Doors CS7 instaled
TI Connect : 4.0 (mac)

Apparently this error is linked with TI-Connect 4.0, look at this cemetech topic :

PS :  I have already tried everything, archive, desarchive, reset, change os but it keeps giving me this error !

I have 24 k ram and 1000 k of archive !

Here's the image :

People says that TI-84+ SE is great stuff but I don't agree if this error keeps in here :(

TI-Nspire / Brick Breaker for TI-nspire (Lua)
« on: November 07, 2013, 02:52:25 pm »
Hello Omnimaga community !

Today I'd like to introduce my new Lua project : BlackBerry's Brick Breaker on your TI-nspire and 100% compatible with the new calculators that contains the OS 3.2.4 !
I've been working on it for some months, and I thought that it would be great to show it to you  :)

Main Features :
- Pretty Menu with 4 options : PLAY / HIGHSCORES / HELP / ABOUT
- 34 levels like in the original Blackberry game
- 5 blocks, which one is unbreakable
- Top 10 highscores
- Ingame is displayed : Score/Highscore/Ammo/Lives
- You start with 3 lives
- To promove a fluent gameplay, the background is simplified
- 5 type of collisions with paddle
- Collision with left and right wall is modified to avoid infinite ball trajectories
- There is no velocity, but Add Y is constant, only add X is variable
- Pretty game over looking, with a door that closes and displays the score
- Random Collisions
- Mouse support
- Bonus

Download link (v 1.0):

Screenshots :

As always, sorry for bad english (if someone could correct grammar mistakes, please do it :) )

I agree the Omnimaga rules and  consequently, file will include source (with code+sprites) and also README file :)

Hope I'll finish that soon  ;D

Introduce Yourself! / Hi, I'm AnToX98
« on: July 19, 2013, 05:05:24 pm »
Hello omnimaga's community !
My name is Antoine, I am 15 years old (and french :p)
I know omnimaga for 1 month but I waited to reach a better programming level before Registering on omnimaga  :)
I'm actually Redactor on TI-planet and Inspired Lua, and I have 2 calculators :
- TI-nspire CX CAS (since may 2013)
- TI-89 Titanium (for 1 week)
I'm working hard on my TI-nspire, and 68k's programming doesn't interest me at all.
I know these following languages :
- Lua (I'm more a beginner)
- TI-nspire Basic
- I began learning C/C++ yesterday

Thanks for this awesome website and community !
PS:sorry for very bad english :/

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