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Other / Picture Guide to IRC
« on: October 19, 2012, 10:28:31 pm »
Many of our community members use IRC to communicate and talk about calcs.  The OmnomIRC client forwards messages to IRC from a browser. To take full advantage of the features of IRC (Such as other channels, and full control of your session), you must join the Omnimaga IRC channel. (irc:// for those who know what they are doing).  

To start out with IRC, you'll need an irc client.  I use KVIrc, but you can use whatever client floats your boat; the procedure is roughly the same. Try several out to find one you like.  

  • Linux
    • HexChat - A nice IRC client for beginners
    • Pidgin - Yet another client that supports many networks
    • KVIrc - A good client that is very configurable
    • Konversation - KDE's IRC client
    • Quassel - Similar to KVIrc, but more beginner friendly
    • irssi - A command line client
  • Windows
    • mIRC - One of the more popular clients, however, you must pay for it
    • Trillian - Yet another client that supports many networks
    • Miranda IM - Yet another client that supports many networks
    • HexChat - A nice IRC client for beginners
    • Pidgin - Yet another client that supports many networks
    • KVIrc - A good client that is very configurable
    • Quassel - Similar to KVIrc, but more beginner friendly
    • irssi - A command line client
  • OS X
    • Colloquy - A nice client for beginners
    • Quassel - Similar to KVIrc, but more beginner friendly
    • Snak - A good client for beginners
    • HexChat - A nice IRC client for beginners
    • Pidgin - This is the OS X version of Pidgin
    • Linkinus - An advanced client that costs money
    • irssi - A command line client

  • Open your IRC client; you should see something like this:

  • Type in "/server" and press enter.  This will connect you to the irc server.  

  • Some text will show up, and after a few seconds, more will pop up.  At this point,it should look something like this:

  • Next, type "/join #omnimaga" and press enter.  This will join the channel (a place where people can talk to each other) that cemetech has.  

  • After that, a your irc client should automatically switch to the channel.  If it doesn't, just click on the new tab.  Congratulations! You are now ready to talk about anything on your calc-centric mind.  

For lazy people: just click on the link and you can have IRC right in your browser:;sa=page;p=24


For a smooth voyage, please follow all of the following guidelines:

  • Listen to Ops.  Ops are the people with an '@' next to their name.  They can kick and ban you from the channel, so don't upset them.  
  • We are not here 24/7.  Many people idle on irc, even when they are afk.  When you ask a question remember to hang around so we can talk to you.  
  • IRC is not AIM.  Please keep emoticons and textspeak to a minimum.
  • Don't Spam.  Spamming is disruptive and annoying and will not get you noticed (and may even get you kicked/banned).  
  • Don't Troll.  Trolling will *not* be tolerated, and could result in a kick or ban.  
  • Be Courteous.  Being nice to others will go a long way in getting help.  
  • Respect Channel Rules.  Remember that some channels have different guidelines about what you can and cannot do.

That's about it; enjoy your stay!

Crossposted at the suggestion of Alberthro.   Sorry about the formatting; I couldn't get it to work right
EDIT: Fixed formatting, per seana11's request. (And yes, I did ask him to crosspost this - thanks seana11! :D OmnomIRC's future is kinda bleak, so IRC is your best chance for getting online and chatting with us! The New bot is also online there, so join us on IRC! :))

Gaming Discussion / Unvanquished
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:12:06 pm »

Unvanquished is a hot new fps based off of Tremulous, an alien vs human fps with rts elements.  They are in their 8th alpha, and have been featured on Phoronix several times.  They have some of the best artists in open source, and are making steady progress monthly.  Hop on by and frag some aliens with me :).

Casio Calculators / UCF Summer Contest
« on: May 20, 2012, 09:15:06 pm »
I'd like to announce the

This year's theme is Tools, Sims, and 3D.  

  • Entries will be for the fx9860, the Prizm, and the Classpad
  • All entries must have been received by the 15th of August, 0:00, UTC in a topic on  Results will be announced around one week later, depending on the amount of entrants.  
  • No previously released program may be submitted, but entrants are encouraged to release at any time during the next three months.
  • Work must be original, but porting and usage of libraries are allowed.  
  • All entries must be in a zip file under a folder (not directly in the zip).  They must have a readme, and source must be provided.  
  • Programs may be entered into multiple topics; for example, if I have a 3D simulation of a globe, I could enter it into both 3D and educational.  
  • Judges may not judge categories in which they will enter.  Judges must apply by the 10th of June
  • Prizes will be userbars, and whatever else we can get donated


C/Asm, Lua, and Basic will be judged together, with handicaps listed in the topics section.  

  •  Three Dimensional
       Create a program that utilizes 3D in some way.  More points will be given for realism and better rendering (Raytracing versus Raycasting)

  •  On-Calc Language
       Create any language that can be compiled or interperted on the calculator.  Points will be given for greater extensibility, library support, and usability (or unusibility for esoteric languages- though they must be tasteful [line noise is not tasteful]).

  •  Shell/File Manager
       The the Prizm (and to a lesser extent, the fx-9860) need shells (Of the $ kind) and file managers to enhance usability (and display pictures).  Points will be awarded for usability (No mice, except for classpad) and features.  

  •  Educational/Simulations
       Create something educational, or something to simulate (Virtual ant farm gogogogo).  Program must be original and creative (we already have enough programs that solkve the quadratic formula).  Make something kids can learn from.  

  •  Music or Video
       Create a music or video player/composer/whatever.  Points will eb awarded for quality, and ease-of-use.  

  •  Editor
       Create an editor of some sort.  
Judging Topics

Topics will be judged on the following, using a 1-5 scale for each.  

  •  Category
    These points are to how well it meets each category's specs.  

  •  Graphics
    Is it snazzy?  Do the features pop?  Does it load fast?  Two extra points will be awarded for basic games in this category.  

  •  Features/Originality
    What features are in this game/tool that make it different?  What does it have that ABC doesn't?  One extra point will be added in this category for lua and basic.  

  •  Documentation
    Is the readme thorough and well-written?  Is there in-game/tool help?  If I have a problem, is it easy to figure it out?

  •  Usability
    How easy is it to do common tasks?  Is the interface intuitive?  Are the controls standard?

  • Bugs
    This is a negative category;  If there are many bugs, this could seriously detract from your program, however, if there are no bugs, you don't have to worry.  

  •  Portability
       Up to 5 extra points will be awarded for porting your program to other platforms.  More points will be given for reproducing the game more exactly (for ports to inferior hardware) or using the new features to give a new experience (for superior hardware).  A multiplier will be added, depending on the language of the game:  *.3 for basic *.75 for lua and *1.0 for C/asm.  

  •  H2G2
    This category's points will be awarded because the judges "really want to."
Remember folks, work hard, do great things, and most of all, Have Fun.

Introduce Yourself! / Foo
« on: September 06, 2011, 10:33:02 pm »
Well, all of these topics are titled with some variation of hello, I must break the pattern. 

I'm seana11 from Cemetech.  I joined the community in April, but I've been programming since last September. 

From the comparable thread on Cemetech:

Quote from: seana11
Hi, I'm seana11 (duh) also known as Forty-Two (For those of you who haven't picked that up). I never introduced myself when I joined ('cause I didn't want to), so I'm doing that now.
You should probably know stuff about me. So I won't list anything. If you have questions though...

Quote from: Kerm
Seana11: I know that you have strong feelings about Java, and that you hate most things. :D It's good to have you with us. Perhaps one day you'll pick up enough random programming knowledge to go along with your unhappiness that we can call you Kllrnohj Part II. ;)

That's about it...

Gaming Discussion / The EVO 2
« on: September 05, 2011, 06:56:53 pm »

The EVO 2 seems like a very interesting new console, running on Android, and with a $130 price tag, it may just be the new thing in gaming.    Specs include:

    Samsung 1.2 GHz Processor
    NVIDIA Graphics (Unspecified card)
    512 MB DDR2 RAM
    HDMI Support
    Motion control coming soon
    $130 (Initially priced at $250)
    Charity, for every EVO 2 sold, 1 will be donated to poor people. 

Personally, if this lives to its name, I'm sold. Comments?

And to prove that this is a real thing(cough,TC01,cough), look at these links:

NOTE: Cross-posted in Cemetech. 

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