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HP Calculators / New HP Prime OS Version: 2014.1124
« on: December 02, 2014, 05:45:04 pm »
For your emulator, calculator and connkit. Easiest way to get them is to use the check for update mechanism in the emulator or connkit. Don't have a Prime and just want to try it out?  for the windows virtual calculator installer.

What Has Changed?

Wireless now supports up to two antennas per PC (30 calculators per antenna).
Wireless performance has been improved.
Various quality and user experience enhancements have been made.

Primary focus of this release was greatly enhancing wireless robustness and communication in general.

Actual release notes hidden below.

Spoiler For Release Notes:
HP Prime – Release Notes

Date Released: 2014/11/24

Internal Versions
          Firmware Version:     2014 11 24 (6940)
Virtual Calculator Version:     2014 11 24 (6940)
          Connectivity Kit:     2014 11 24 (6940)

This release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC software delivers significant new features and fixes outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes, but highlights specific items. All users of the HP Prime calculator are encouraged to upgrade for the best possible experience.

Primary focus in this release was enhancements to communication and wireless.

New Functionality (Connectivity Kit)
User interface refined and improved.
Much more reliable and capable communication.
Multiple antennas supported for wireless communication.
Progress bars are now shown for individual units during transfer data transfer.
Much nicer "firmware update" window - adds support for detection of multiple units and more ways to receive prompts for updating units.
Now possible to send a single item from one unit to everyone in the class in a single step.
Improvements to screen monitoring.

New Functionality (Calculator Software)
Added lower/upper optional inputs in cumulative probability functions. Binomial arguments now consistently ordered.
Add ability to mix and edit CAS functions inline as part of larger programs - #cas to start a block, and #end to end it.
New variables Notes and Programs created to allow programatic access.
Geometry variables Instruction and DelInstruction provide programatic access to geometry constructions.
Much faster scrolling in large notes, programs and equations.
There is now an "Info" menu key in the memory manager. It reports free ram and available storage.
VARS menu now has a "system" group which contains general system variables.
TOff variable introduced. It is a millisecond value with minimum of 5s.
TIME was renamed to TEVAL to avoid confusion with Time variable. Also now shows up in the catalog.
SERIAL and VERSION commands introduced.
Added an implicit_diff command to simplify implicit differentiation steps.
Improved help throughout system and connected it in more places.

New Functionality (Virtual Calculator)
Japanese user interface turned on for menus.
There is now an "Info" menu key in the memory manager. It reports used ram and available storage.

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS
1. Resolved potential issue pasting formatted text into notes.
2. Improved cursor positioning when working with very large notes or programs.
3. Resolved issues with style selection in note editor.
4. Resolved issue using large font in inference table view.
5. Resolved issue storing into some inference variables from the command line.
6. Improved spreadsheet to allow loading old format without issue.
7. Resolved issue where plotfunc in command line could blink while help was open.
8. Resolved issue with vector use involving MAKELIST and list2mat.
9. Resolved issues with printing some messages from the CAS.
10. Resolved issue where connectivity kit did not allow an empty password for exam mode.
11. e^t^2 not printing with parens making it appear wrong. As part of fix, removed superscript 2 character from [x^2] key. Now does ^2 instead.
12. Resolved some issues with various FILLPOLY inputs.
13. Resolved issue with Send button not showing up on the emulator when selected to communicate with a calculator.
14. Resolve issue in connectivity kit where menu cut/copy/paste were not always working in some places.
15. Improved poll response to prompt for verification on single send, or with missing responses.
16. Resolved issue with digit grouping making equations appear strangely in a few locations.
17. Resolved an issue where [a b/c] could hide a negative sign.
18. Resolved issue with using matrix store notation M1(5,1) on a vector.
19. Resolved many issues in INPUT command. Also, chooser indexes in INPUT command were 0 based instead of 1.
20. Introduced "Fit" variable in 2var statistics to programmatically control fit line removal.
21. Resolved issue involving SetFreq.
22. Resolved issue using built in function variables in makelist. ex: MAKELIST(F1,X,1,5,1)
23. Brought back OS version on help about screen.
24. Improved color choosers through system so initial color selection matches the current selection.
25. Improved first boot screen.
26. Resolved issue with REGRS command and trig fit.
27. Some "NIST" group went and changed the definition of Faraday.
28. Resolved issues with alphabetical app sorting.
29. Switched to have fsolve in CAS->solve menu instead of less capable nSolve command.
30. Improved the exam mode password/time screen to show remaining time better.
31. Improved sleep to avoid the calculator from sleeping while streamer is connected and active.
32. Resolved issue where terminal scrolling could hang system. Also added a titlebar on the terminal.
33. Resolved issue with E+5/ interpreted as (E+5)/ instead of E+5/
34. Removed ` from catalog. (auto eval quote)
35. Resolved issue with program dialog box and digit grouping.
36. Resolved memory issue in parser when using ICON keyword.
37. Resolved issue where a matrix stored by M2:=M1 in home edited both M1 and M2.
38. Resolved issue with digit grouping in solve application preventing solving with numbers >1000.
39. Resolved issue with kinetic scrolling and editors.
40. Enlarged size of advanced graphing memory so more scrolling can happen before redraw is needed.
41. Resolved issue where define F1=..., F2=d F1(X) / X=X in symb, PLOT view, and then exit could cause undesirable effects.
42. Resolved display issue where DMS value -1<x<0 was not showing negative sign.
43. Improves Function app/Plot/Fcn/Root reports for some functions that jump over zeros.
44. Resolved issue where STRING function was not working well with 4 or more parameters.
45. Resolved issue where DRAWMENU was not able to use pictures as sources

Resolved issues and changes in CAS
1. Improved simplify handling of surd/nthroot
2. concat now accepts more than 2 arguments
3. Fix for int(1/x^2,x,0,inf)
4. Fix for fisher_cdf(5,6,2.1,∞)
5. Changes for arcLen - support for curves having more than one arc and for points instead of parameter values for boundaries
6. Additional checks for low accuracy integrals by gaussian quadratures to avoid Romberg method, example int(1/sqrt(1-x^6),x,0,1.)
7. Improves multiple integrals like int(int(int(sqrt(x^2+z^2),z,-sqrt(y-x^2),sqrt(y-x^2)),y,x^2,4),x,-2,2)
8. Fix for desolve(y''=1/x^2)
9. Fix for sign, for example sign(sin(6283185307179586/1000000000000000))
10. Fix for int((1-x)^(2/3)*x^(1/3),x,0,1)
11. Fix for expand(x*2.9e-13+6.3e-13)
12. Enables new syntax for substitution in expression like f:=x^2+1; f(x=1)
13. int(1/sqrt(1+x^3),x,0.0,∞) now returns an approximate answer
14. Fix for (f)solve(((3.068E-3/(0.118+1.001E-5*X))-(((1+2.126E-5*X)/(1+8.506E-5*X))-(0.3+2.55E-5*X)))=0,X);
15. Setting default arg to 0 in piecewise to make limit work
16. Added support for complex numbers in pmin
17. Fix for limit((-9x^69+x^47+10)/(-7x^69+x^46+10),x=inf)
18. Remove autosimplification after 'reorder'
19. Fix for limit(surd(3^x+5^x,x),x,inf)
20. Fix for solve(6e-34*f=g,f)
21. Sort proot output
22. If taylor or series have polynom as optional last arg, the order_size term is removed (shortcut for convert(series(...),polynom) to series(...,polynom))
23. Improve warning for some ode that can not be solve explicitly
24. Fix for int(x²/(9+x^6),x,-inf,inf), int(1/(x^2 + 6*x + 12),x,-inf,inf)
25. Fix for trigtan(sin(x)/cos(x)) and for cSolve(x^4-1=3)
26. SVD warnings for exact/symbolic matrices
27. Fix for GD:=line(y=(4859/2500*ln(20)+631/125+(-4859/100000*ln(20)-631/5000)*x)):;GG:=plotfunc(1.301*ln(x)+3.406,x,-50,50):;single_inter(D,G);
28. Changed ihermite to return a list
29. Simplification of conj(conj()), conj(re()) and conj(im())
30. median({1,2,3,4}) returns 2.5
31. rsolve now handles homographic recurrences if the fixed point has multiplicity 2
32. Computation of Beta(x,y) if x>0, y>0 and x+y is integer, recognition of integrals solvable by Beta, e.g. int(x^(1/3)*(1-x)^(2/3),x,0,1)
33. If partfrac optional 2nd argument is a sqrt, does partial fraction expansion with factorization over this field extension
34. Fixes for rootof (root selection and i with rootof)
35. Improves arg and evalc for pow of complex numbers
36. Fixes solve with piecewise containing a sqrt
37. Fix for solve(x^5=-1)
38. laplace now switches to exact mode
39. Fix for piecewise in regroup and solve
40. Fix order for regroup (fraction/monomials)
41. Fix for SVD
42. Fix for string(matrix), sum(sin(n*x)/n^2,n,1,inf), fsolve in degree mode without interval/guess
43. Fix for Groebner basis and fix for comparing 2 symbolic complexes having the same imaginary part
44. Improves some simplifications like abs(exp(i*x)+1) and some integrals of periodic function over a period
45. Avoid rootofs for some factorizations
46. Change for product/sum, e.g. for product(n,n,1/2,3,1/2)
47. Calls exact on limit arguments
48. Change piecewise printing to CASE
49. Fix for int(exp(-x)/(1+x^2),x,0,inf)
50. Fix complexroot(x^3+8,1e-5,0,2+2*i)
51. Fix for solve(sin(x)=sin(2x))
52. Accept = instead of - in zeros and czeros
53. Call normal on inverse of matrix
54. Fix for int(abs(sin(x)-cos(x-1)),x,0,3)
55. fsolve now returns itself if the equation has more than 1 var, making commands like fsolve(int(fsolve(x^5+x=y,x,1e-14),y,0,t)=1/3,t=1.0) possible
56. Improve detection of polynomial equation by fsolve. If fsolve has only one solution in a polynomial equation, returns the solution instead of a list of one solution
57. Fix printing of ()^.5 (was incorrectly printed as sqrt())
58. Fix for int(1/surd(x-1,5),x,1,33)
59. Fix for desolve(y''+1/(x+1)=0,x,y)
60. Make resultant with 0 return 0
61. Fix for ifactor(373196531)
62. Fix for SVD of matrices having more columns than rows
63. Make sorta/sortd work with complex numbers (sorting by real parts)
64. Changed number of Pollard-rho tries for ifactor(2^101+5), removed some optimizations that seems to fail in some rare occurrences
65. Integration - small improvement recognizing f(u)*u' pattern
66. pmin now accepts sqrt and other algebraic extension of Q
67. round([a,b],c) fixed
68. Make limit(exp(-1/x^2)/x,x=0) work
69. Fixed iquorem to behave like iquo+irem with negative integers
70. Fix for int(frac(x),x,-1,2), int(frac(x),x,0,6.4) 
71. Fix for int(sqrt((t-5*cos(t))^2 + (6*cos(1+sin(t)))^2),t,0,3)
72. Fix for factor(3*a*cos(sqrt(3)*ln(-x)/2)-b*sin(sqrt(3)*ln(-x)/2)-sqrt(3)*a*sin(sqrt(3)*ln(-x)/2)+sqrt(3)*b*cos(sqrt(3)*ln(-x)/2))
73. Fix for sum_riemann(1/sqrt(n^2+k^2),[n,k])[/q][/q][/q]

News / New HP Prime OS Version: 2014.0331
« on: May 27, 2014, 12:44:47 pm »
For your emulator, calculator and connkit. Easiest way to get them is to use the check for update mechanism in the emulator or connkit.

The primary focus of this release in terms of new features was improvement of geometry and statistics. The primary focus of the connkit was around the main UI (not the editors for specific object types which were essentially untouched).

Four chapters in the user guide were changed, however they could not be rolled directly into the original document and are instead a "supplement" for now. The emulator has them, but they are attached to the end of the existing manual brought up by selecting Help->User Guide in the emulator windows menu. If you'd like the separate "supplement" file, it should be up on the HP support page shortly.

Spoiler For Release Notes:
HP Prime – Release Notes

Date Released: 2014/03/31

Internal Versions
          Firmware Version:     2014 03 31 (6030)
Virtual Calculator Version:     2014 03 31 (6031)
          Connectivity Kit:     2014 03 31 (6026)

This release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC software delivers significant new features and fixes outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes, but highlights specific items. All users of the HP Prime calculator are encouraged to upgrade for the best possible experience.

Backward Compatibility
There is limited backward compatibility between this and earlier releases.

Older Prime hardware (Revision A) does support this release, however the wireless, unit-to-unit, and data streamer functionality is not supported on earlier models. In the Help->About HP Prime screen the hardware revision will be displayed along with software version information. Mixing and matching software revisions is not encouraged and may cause unexpected results. Users are strongly encouraged to first backup their calculators with the older firmware and Connectivity Kit - then upgrade all their calculator software (firmware, Connectivity Kit, and Virtual Calculator).  Upgrade the Connectivity kit first, before upgrading your calculator firmware. This order will produce the best experience.

The geometry application and inference have received significant updates and earlier data files will not be compatible. Old data files from earlier revisions will not load and and a new empty data file will overwrite the old one.

Due to some specific issues resolved, certain user programs may not run on the new system without changes first. Specifically, any commands with the Σ character in the name may need to be corrected to use the correct sigma character. Function variables will now also error if the function parameter is using a reserved system function name (example: SIN or COLOR). Additionally, the TRIANGLE commands were modified to allow TRIANGLE, LINE and FILLPOLY to share similar data and syntax to enable easier creation of complex 3D drawings

New Functionality (Connectivity Kit)
1.    Application has had major improvements to the user interface. Please refer to the included connectivity kit User's Guide for instructions and details.
2.    Support for the HP Wireless Classroom network has been introduced. Please see for details on the Wireless Classroom kit.
3.    Greatly enhanced communication speed over USB link to calculator.

New Functionality (Calculator Software)
1.    Improved touch support throughout system. This includes pinch to zoom support in graphing applications, and kinetic scrolling.
2.    Pressing HELP in an open command line will attempt to find the name of a command based on the prior input up to the cursor position to display system help for that command.
3.    Includes Edition 2 of the on calculator help files (English only in this release).
4.    Greatly enhanced robustness and capability of the Statistics 2Var logistic fit.
5.    Wireless support for capable units turned on. Wireless icon will appear in the right top corner menu for units that can support the HP Prime Wireless Kit.
6.    Calculator unit-to-unit communications has now been enabled on units that can support it.
7.    Numerical values now can be displayed with digit groupings. Examples include: 1,234.567               1 234.567 and 1’234,567
8.    Two new numerical display formats have been introduced. These are “floating” which only displays up to a specified number of digits, and “rounded” which is similar to the “fixed” format except trailing zeros are suppressed.
9.    Decimal fractions now appear with a zero, as in 0.25.
10.    Vectors are now displayed as a single line object until they become a matrix. This aids in distinguishing vectors and matrices.
11.    User selectable first day of week setting for use through the system.
12.    First boot unlock and settings wizard. User will be asked to confirm language selection and some initial settings.
13.    Inference application now can do Chi-Square calculations and Linear Regression T calculations.
14.    Geometry application has been completely redone and is much faster, consistent, and capable than before.
15.    Enhanced color pickers allow a greater range of color selection.
16.    Pressing ENTER will now open chooser in a dialog or toggle checkbox.
17.    Enhanced unit object display to ensure a more standard form with complex units.
18.    TRIANGLE, FILLPOLY and LINE commands can now draw multiple objects in a consistent way with each other. Useful for very complicated 3D drawing in user programs.
19.    INPUT command can now create multi-page dialogs and contain choose boxes, check boxes and grouped check boxes. It can also allow specific item types and gives control of parsing behavior for input. It also supports size and position control.

New Functionality (Virtual Calculator)
1.    A horizontal skin has been included for use with monitors that are restricted in the vertical pixel range.

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS
1.    Resolved issue with statistics 2 variable trig fit causing poor curve fit.
2.    Resolved issue with removing last row or column from a CAS matrix in the matrix editor.
3.    Resolved issue with .^ and ./ function calculations.
4.    Resolved issue with EDITLIST/EDITMAT commands not working in RPN mode.
5.    Resolved issue with BLIT command when specified destination was a zero sized region.
6.    Resolved several issues with fraction key in home to make behavior more consistent.
7.    Resolved issue in 2D integral template where EEX key would always add a 1 before the E in the evaluation limit locations.
8.    Resolved several issues where integer only settings fields would display using the current display setting.
9.    Resolved issue where auto power off did not function in graphing applications.
10.    Resolved issue with commands EDITLIST and EDITMAT using user defined variables.
11.    Resolved issue with key buffer not being cleared when the user aborts a running program.
12.    Resolved issue with auto off timer in plot gallery not being reset on user touch.
13.    Resolved issue with auto-off timer in plot gallery not being reset on user input.
14.    Resolved issue with copy and paste in spreadsheet.
15.    Resolved issue with sigma character in command names not being consistent through entire system.
16.    Resolved issue with RETURN call inside repeating loop in a user program.
17.    Resolved issue with object printing in debugging interface causing unpredictable behavior.
18.    Resolved problem with integration calling ABS(F1(X))
19.    Resolved issue with G0-G9 in user programs while spreadsheet was active application.
20.    Resolved issue with 10 second periodic wakeup during sleep reducing long term shelf life.
21.    Resolved issue with KWh in menu needing to be named kWh to function properly.
22.    Resolved issue where storing a number to a vector padded with too many zeros.
23.    Resolved issue with clicking EDIT menu after deleting last CAS object from memory manager catalog.
24.    Resolved issue with negative and STO conversion shortcut.
25.    Resolved issue where tapping an item in Advanced Grapher Symbolic view behaved differently then tapping edit menu key.
26.    Resolved issue where calculating integration with boundary at 0 appeared to fail.
27.    Resolved issue with case sensitivity in note and program catalog.
28.    Resolved issue where changing font size could cause strange artifacts in 2d equation display in Symbolic view.
29.    Resolved problem where copying .+ or .- operators would not insert space before commands.
30.    Resolved issue with ΣLIST and a vector argument.
31.    Resolved some issues with F1 and CAS interaction.
32.    Resolved issue with the UNITS -> TOOLS menu commands not evaluating immediately in RPN mode.
33.    Resolved issue with eigenvectors of diagonal matrices in home.
34.    Resolved issue where DMS toggle on home screen did not work with certain numbers.
35.    Resolved issue with RPN stack not being cleared by a clear in memory manager.
36.    Resolved issue where changing HEX or other similar settings did not update stack display immediately.
37.    Resolved issue where clearing memory from catalog did not clear Ans variables.
38.    Resolved issue where pressing BKSP on a CAS variable from chooser did not delete it.
39.    Resolved issue where CAS screen would have left/right alignments disrupted after a power cycle.
40.    Resolved issue with logb and very tiny values.

Resolved issues and changes in CAS
1.    Resolved issue with for desolve([y'=sqrt(y),y(1)=1],x,y)
2.    Resolved issue  with units in approx mode and auto simplification on units
3.    Added check for real matrix in SVD
4.    Resolved issue with tlin(cos(a)*cos(b)) and with plot(exp(-x^2))
5.    Resolved issue with odesolve in reverse time direction
6.    Desolve now handles linear system with constant coefficients; for example, desolve([y'=[[1,2],[2,1]]*y+[x,x+1],y(0)=[1,2]]);
7.    Resolved issue with int(surd(2x,3),x,0,4), and with simplify(sin^2+cos^2)
8.    Improved display for some sqrt results like sqrt(2+sqrt(3)) as sqrt(2)/2+sqrt(6)/2
9.    Resolved issue with speed of int(x*exp(-x^2),x,0,100)
10.    Resolved issue with derivative of composition e.g. (g(x^2))'
11.    Resolved issue with desolve([y''-2*y'/x+(9+2/x^2)*y=x*exp(x),y(pi/6)=0,y(pi/3)=0],y)
12.    Make SVD (SVL) work on rectangular matrices.
13.    Change interpretation of A/B where B is a square matrix to inv(B)*A with a warning
14.    Resolved issue with integer factorization.
15.    Make limit(1/x^2,x,0) return +infinity instead of unsigned infinity
16.    Resolved issue with laplace(exp(a*x),x,t)
17.    Resolved issue with ilaplace(exp(-3x))
18.    Resolved issue with sigma notation
19.    Resolved issue with sign (-> also fixes laplace(x))
20.    Make ifactor return an error if number too large
21.    Resolved issue with recursion issue in geometry objects evaluation
22.    Resolved issue with inv((5.+8i)^200)
23.    Resolved issue with tan(54) in degree mode
24.    Resolved issue with matrix/vector * object, if one arg to * is approx, evalf the other one with current context modes (instead of null context).
25.    Extend cholesky to hermitian complex matrices
26.    Resolved issue with ifactor(nextprime(alog10(17))*nextprime(alog10(19)));
27.    Resolved issue with collect(sqrt(4x^2)) and for solve(-x+1=surd(-x^3+7,3));
28.    Resolved issue with int(int(sqrt(x+y),x,0,1),y,0,1)
29.    pa2b2(2) now returns [1,1]
30.    legendre_symbol and jacobi_symbol now accept negative first argument
31.    Resolved issue with algebraic extension with i inside
32.    op added to list of non auto simplified operators + dichotomic search
33.    Default interval changed for parabola
34.    Make left and right accept an integer represented as a double as 2nd argument
35.    Set max list size to 10 000 and compute factorial exactly up to 1000 on hardware
36.    Resolved issue with hadamard on numeric matrices
37.    Size limit check added for $, Ans support for SCALE/SCALEADD/...
38.    Resolved issue with re/im/abs e.g. im(sqrt(x)+1)
39.    Size check added for JordanBlock, fix for solve with fractional powers,
40.    Resolved issue with iPart with neg argument
41.    element added to the list of functions that should not be auto simplified
42.    RANDMAT with one argument accepted.
43.    Changes for triple matrix norm (l1norm, l2norm, linfnorm)
44.    Resolved issue with resultant with num coeffs
45.    mat2list sets HP list subtype for the result.
46.    Resolved issue with plotfunc(normald(x))
47.    area now accepts a function plot as first argument, 2nd argument a..b, or 2nd argument a, 3rd argument b, returns area under curve. For a parametric plot, a and b are the parameter range.
48.    ifactor check added for qsieve failure
49.    Resolved issue with ARG in degree
50.    Resolved issue with fPart/iPart for negative/complex arguments
51.    Resolved issue with asin(sin(pi))) and acos(cos(pi)) in degree
52.    Change for [] in CAS: start at 1
53.    Resolved issue with definite integral with inf boundary in degree mode
54.    Replace warning by error for recursive definition except for when/ifte/program
55.    Improve non-directional limit, e.g. limit(1/abs(x),x,0)
56.    Enable for and if as lowercase synonyms for FOR and IF in the CAS.
57.    Make REDIM and REPLACE (CAS version) accept a matrix instead of a variable name as 1st arg.
58.    Resolved issue with regroup(inf) and for FP
59.    Resolved issue with poisson_cdf with 3 arguments
60.    Resolved issue with circle tangent, using relative error instead of absolute error.
61.    Handling of inequalities with approximate coefficients using an exact conversion
62.    jordan for numeric matrix with exact coefficients but no exact eigenvalue converting to approx.
63.    Resolved issue with assume(s<0); sign(s)
64.    Tangent for conics now use rational parametric equation
65.    Resolved issue with a%%b if b is not an integer
66.    Resolved issue with locus, fix for table print/parse
67.    Resolved issue with l2norm
68.    Re-set angle mode in isopolygon.
69.    Leave propfrac unsimplified
70.    Make sum eval approx if exact mode is not checked
71.    Boolean operators now return 1/0
72.    Resolved issue with col, suppress and makemat (indices starting at 1)
73.    Better handling for some 4th order equations.
74.    Set complex_variables to false in arcLen so that arcLen(x^2,x,0,1) works if Complex is checked.
75.    Additional check for duplicate argument name in CAS program exit.

Important Note: If you updated your hardware unit before Thurs, May 29, GMT-6 please redownload and update your Prime firmware.

1. Delete the "My Documents\HP Connectivity Kit\Temp" directory, and "HP Connectivity Kit\Firmware" directory.
 2. Run the check for update again. It will re-download the firmware zip file from today.
 3. Reinstall on your unit using the new files.

HP Calculators / Call for Beta Testing Applications
« on: April 07, 2014, 01:10:27 pm »
Periodically, the HP calculator group will ask for applications from individuals interested in beta testing projects. We ask for some information in order to generate the best cross section of users to hopefully catch as many issues as possible before a release. I can't select everyone, and not everyone is interested in each type of product.

Even though this is posted in the HP Prime forum, that does not mean there will not be other types of products (basic scientific, financial, mobile apps, etc) that need testing. This is just an application for general interest and you can indicate which types of products you might be interested in testing.

If you are interested in any however, please download a form and send it to me. Email is probably best. timwessman is my name, and I am at  (this is your entrance exam - you must figure out the correct email address... :) )

While we don’t expect anyone to devote an unreasonable amount of your time, those that consistently find issues, perform tasks and generally contribute quite a bit are usually asked to continue as beta testers long term.
Sometimes, there are things you may not find extremely enjoyable to work on (for example, a non RPN machine or similar), but we may ask you to assist. Again, those that are willing to focus on specific areas or tasks are usually asked to continue testing in the future when the more exciting projects are around.
You are allowed to focus on specific areas of interest, but we ask that you don’t exclusively focus on areas of interest. There are always “boring” areas of products that need thorough testing as well.

In short, those that have positive attitudes and contribute get to continue for as long as you are willing to share some of your time. If you are fun to work with, we want to continue working with you!

As a beta tester, you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement/non-disclosure agreement before any paticipation.  We ask that you do not discuss in outside locations, post images or hints anywhere or discuss with people not involved in the testing. As far as I can tell, there has never been unauthorized leaks which means we can continue to trust the community as a whole.
If you are sent materials/units, we are also required to have you sign a form that basically states “HP is not responsible if this device destroys the universe and HP may request the units back at any time.”

Beta testing is a lot of fun! It is always exciting to have behind-the-scenes knowledge about what is ongoing, and to have a part in shaping the way products are formed, and to be involved in something for which we all feel passion. Often those involved in beta testing come up with new ideas that later appear in products, have keyboard layouts or product ideas discussed for feedback, and generally get to be involved with the calculators we love.

The download at the top of the list is a PDF form allowing you to type directly and is the easiest format. If you'd prefer the odt or docx version however, they can be downloaded as well.

Other Calculators / TI CAS question: System of linear ODE solving?
« on: December 31, 2013, 11:37:42 am »
Not sure if this is the correct place to post this question. I am trying to figure out if any of the TI CAS calcs (nspire, 89 etc) have the ability to solve *system* of 1st order linear ODEs natively.

Here's a link ( of an example. Thanks.

News / First PRIME Update
« on: December 03, 2013, 08:35:19 am »
First updates are live. The check for update in the emulator/connkit should find them. If not for some reason (usually due to proxy or other funky network things on your end, use Many thanks to people who've reported issues here in this forum or in other spots. You may notice some direct called out items that go back to a specific post. Even though we consider this a "bugfix" release with no empasis on new features, there are still about 2-3 times or more new capabilities compared with the recent "2.0" casio update I saw...  O.O

Items of interest for many here might be the new TRIANGLE and FILLPOLY commands. The TRIANGLE command allows you to pass a large matrix of vertices, colors, rotation data, and z-clipping info (solid colors only at the moment). This means you can draw complicated 3D shapes in basically a single user function call! Here's an image of a 3D graph drawn with one single draw command. Oh, and did I mention I could rotate it at about 20-25 FPS with no optimizations yet? :-D

Who's going to get on that X-Wing game.... ?  ;)

Code: [Select]
HP Prime – Release Notes

Date Released: 11/25/2013

Internal Versions
Firmware Version: 2013 11 25 (5447)
Emulator Version: 2013 11 25 (5447)
Connectivity Kit: 2013 11 25 (5442)

This is a defect fix release of the HP Prime firmware, emulator, and connectivity kit.
The specific fixes are listed in the table below. There were a number of stability,
on-calculator help and memory usage improvements not listed in the table.

Backward Compatibility
This release of the Connectivity Kit is backward compatible with the HP Prime 1.0 firmware.
However, some unexpected results may occur sending data from the Calculator to the
Connectivity Kit when using prior versions.   HP recommends that you upgrade your
calculator to the matching 1.0.1 version of the firmware for best results.

Release Notes
Removed unused "Method" variable in advanced graphed.
Resolved issue with OTHER box display in help catalog.
Resolved issue with Gamma function in degrees mode.
Resolved problem with WAIT(0) on PC emulator and PC keyboard.
Resolved issue with cursor position in CAS while using |x| template.
Resolved problem with INPUT help line not adding a space before variable name.
Resolved potential problem while editing function inside advanced graphed plot view.
Changed EDITLIST and EDITMAT to work with user defined variables.
Resolved issue with unit not waking after USB connection.
Resolved issue with Base menu key not working in RPN mode.
Resolved issues with running spreadsheet in RPN mode.
In RPN mode, symb screen and dialogs will now add ' 'automatically if symbolic input is required.
Assorted improvements and corrections in on-calc help.
Pressing ENTER will now open chooser in a dialog, or toggle checkbox.
Improved memory use when calling a CAS function with local variables inside a user program.
Added calendar in corner popup. Click on battery, then time to access.
Resolved issue with list editor and larger items.
Resolved issue with entering a complex number into a real matrix in the matrix editor.
Increased terminal character count limit.
Help in data streamer views now linked to on-calc help entry.
Pressing HELP in chars, templates, and math character menu now linked to on-calc help.
Improved fraction toggle with complex numbers.
Improved note sending to multiple units.
Resolved issue where formatting was lost in app info screen.
Integrals such as sin(x)*ln(x) return results using special integral functions Si(x) and Ci(x).
Improved display of units with very high powers.
Removed limit on numerical SIGMA function.
Resolved issue where START app customization function did not always run on application start.
Pasting in a very large piece of text could sometimes cause the emulator to crash.
"Connect To" menu added in emulator allowing user to specify which device will receive communication links.
Added Si and Ei into help tree.
Exported variables not always initialized in some cases.
"1234"[n] now works to access a specific character in a string with no memory copy.
Matrix declarations in programs allow local variable usage.
MAKEMAT now works with complex matrices.
Ans(n) to get access to prior results.
WAIT(-1) will also be interruptible by a screen touch event.
Added display of remaining time in exam mode to exam password screen.
Many improvements and enhancements to CAS.
Resolved issue with list/matrix editor and larger items. Improved conversion
 from real to a complex numerical matrix inside editor.
Added new graphical commands FILLPOLY and TRIANGLE.
Added INTERSECT and DIFFERENCE list commands.
Improved drawing of F1-F0 items in CAS view.
Fixed issue with STARTVIEW not causing redraw in some situations.
Added numerical .+ and .- commands.
Changed matrix limit to 20000 items, and list limit to 10000 items.
Resolved issue with SHIFT-UP/DOWN in the symb screen.
Resolved issues with user app programs.
Resolved issue with using ?<command> in the CAS screen.
Renamed finance PMTV variable to more standard PMT naming.
Using "to" in solver could conflict with built in command word.
Added ability to specify start of row/column header in spreadsheet from a program.
Resolved issue with string REPLACE command.
Resolved issue with DMS values not having ' or " for some numbers.
Improved memory use while calling function app AREA command.
Improved IFERR to work when no ELSE clause defined.
Improved the templates and entry of matrices to support use of (,) decimal mode.
Resolved issue where a user program that brings up the terminal could cause a crash in the program catalog.
Improved memory use in deeply recursive user functions.
Updated units to use NIST2010 values. Units now also show in menu when VALUE is not selected.
Resolved issue with MKSA and _mol unit.
Improved rendering of characters on hardware. Improved J character.
Resolved issue where having more then 10 arguments did not have enough boxes in DEBUG/RUN dialogs.
Resolved issues with ITERATE command.
Resolved issue where program arguments >16 did not error with CHECK.
Resolved issue with exact(1e14) not returning correct value.
Resolved issue with CASE having more then 126 levels.
Resolved issue where the CAS would create strange variables such as x*y.
Resolved issue with many apps disabled using exam mode, the APPS screen could draw strangely.
Disabled ability to move app position while in exam mode.
Resolved issue in RPN mode, which prevented entry of a complex in the 1i-1 form.
Resolved issue where USIMPLIFY did not handle case where all units cancelled.
Resolved issue where diff command in graphed could cause a crash.
Resolved situation where pressing APPS could crash the calculator.

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