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General Calculator Help / Parametric Graphing
« on: April 17, 2013, 09:50:35 am »
On TI-84s, one can do simultaneous graphing in the MODE and SIMUL function. However, I do not see any such function or option in the settings for the Nspire or in the Menu.
Does anyone know how one can do Simul graphing so that the lines are drawn out together?
Example, two lines that race each other, you can't tell their speeds normally.

General Calculator Help / Opening a TI-Nspire CX CAS
« on: February 13, 2012, 08:13:00 pm »
I've been trying to open my calculator, but I can't seem to do it.
What I have been able to do is remove the two screws on the bottom back of the calc as well as the 6 screws that are under the battery in the battery compartment. What do I do from here? Are the two screw-looking things that are under the battery cover but not under the battery part of the process? They don't seem like any normal screwdriver would be able to take them out...

Anime and Manga / #omnimaga-anime
« on: February 09, 2012, 09:06:29 pm »
Dear all the anime/manga people on Omnimaga,
        Juju, ParkerR (where have you been D:) and I have recently created an anime channel that we hope to have grow.
For right now it's a ghost town (obviously XD it just started), but we hope you guys can help with this and make it grow.

Though, if it so happens that there is no activity in the main channel but there is in the anime channel, we have to go to the main to talk
to keep up the activity.

Hopefully this channel won't just turn into some other spam channel like flyingfisch suggested.
Also, it is available on Efnet and Omnimaga IRC servers.

Happy watching! (and reading)  ^-^

Other Calculators / Want to Buy a Calculator? Here's a Little Bit of Help
« on: December 04, 2011, 09:43:55 pm »
If you want some cheap calculators, the site has quite a few TI calculators, as well as other brands such as HP and Casio. This site also offers calculator related objects and tools such as software, overhead projectors, etc.

For people looking for the CX, this is also a good place for it.  I bought mine here, and I'm satisfied.  There aren't any damages, and they shipped to me in about a week.

For the normal CX $124.50:

For the CX CAS $127:

For Terms and Conditions (that has shipping details):

I'm only putting this up to help, not to advertise (though it kinda is advertising...)

And for DJ_O: YES it does have Voyage 200s under $200:  ($166.49)

The shipping and handling is a big iffy, but mine was a total of $132 from the original $127, which is still quite a bit cheaper than the base price for a CX CAS on other sites.  IMPORTANT: THE SITE SAYS THAT SHIPPING/HANDLING COSTS IS 5% OF PRICE.

TIPS (for eBay/Amazon): For now, these are the more obvious tips.
1.  ALWAYS look at a seller's rating.  Do not risk if the seller has a low rating.  If the seller has very few ratings (say, below 50 as a figure) and are mostly good, he still may not be trustworthy.  The object being sold may be damaged or non-functional.  There are people out there who make multiple accounts and rate themselves up.   A seller who has the Top-Rated Seller badge is always a good one to go with.
2. Go through buyer reviews.  See what they say and see if you like what they say
3. Check the description of the object being sold.  Does the description and/or ad look promising or hastily and messily put together?  Does it have a site? Does this site have a lot of buyers that are satisfied or that have at least bought from there?
4. CHECK SHIPPING.  An object may be cheap, but you never know what the shipping and handling costs may be.  If you can't find the cost, LOOK HARDER.  Don't get fooled.

Anyone may (and PLEASE DO) add to tips or sites that sell cheaply or are very well respected.

:D  Have fun getting awesome calcs!

edit: Thanks to for the site! He used this site to buy his very own CX CAS

Site Feedback and Questions / Gaming Testers
« on: November 10, 2011, 10:19:04 pm »
I was testing a game out for Nick (his nifty color tetris for the Nspire in Lua!!!) and I was thinking if maybe there could be a place for programmers to put betas and have others test?  It's actually pretty fun getting to test and stuff.

Ofc, programmers don't have to, if it's like a surprise or something, but do you think this may work?

Miscellaneous / Critor - Please?
« on: November 03, 2011, 10:03:40 pm »
Critor, I have heard some reports of an unwanted lonely little Nspire Clickpad in your hands.  Is this true?  ???

Introduce Yourself! / Oherro
« on: November 01, 2011, 07:56:54 pm »
Hehe didn't notice to introduce so here we goooooo....
I joined the site about a week ago. My nick is AzNg0d1030 (if you can't tell) and NO calcdude (from irc) I am NOT  a spam bot because of my name! XD
I've had calculators for awhile, had my first graphing in 5th grade, yes that early.  This was because of my brother being a nice brother and giving me his old calc :)  This was a TI86!

I've gradually gained calcs over the years (lost/gave some too) but currently I have these TIs, just TIs, not the others I have:
TI81  found
TI86    bro's
TI84+   bro's
TI Nspire CX CAS (most recent)   bought, split price with bro for b-day
TI36X Solar   found
TI30XS Multiview   found
TI30XA    found
Had, broke, was an idiot and threw away:
TI30XIIS     was my bro's over 10 years ago and I had until 5th grade.  until it broke and i got my 86!

Sorry for the long post but yeah!  HI!

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