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Calculator C / C++ on Nspire-way through eye of a needle?
« on: February 19, 2017, 01:14:19 pm »
I am a unexperienced Nspire user and like to learn it to program (tools and maybe games). After some tries with TI basic and lua, I saw in forums that several programmers recommend to use c++. So I started my 1st try, knowing that i had an introduction course in c programming at 1988 or so... The installation under ms-dos was simple at this days.
Ok, that was my try:
used this tutorial:
-loaded os 4.4.0 and ndless 4.4 and installed both, everything looks ok
-loaded ndless-sdk from github (ndless-master)
-there is the info in the tut to install Cygwin and several other 'dependencies' (18). At other places it's told to install only 2, MinMW and MSYS, but here it's told that they don't work correctly.
So, is this really the way? Now I see why there are not so very much programmers that use c++ for nspire. Such a lot of programs/tools to get a c++ compiler to install?! Really discouraging. It must be a lot of work to get this all together, handle them right and get the whole thing started to compile the 1st hello world. My respect to all them who did it! But isn't there another way?

Site Feedback and Questions / Sending PM
« on: April 29, 2015, 06:11:44 pm »
just I made this experience by trying to send a pm: I wrote the message, then I had to enter this grafical numbers. One I couldnt read, so I choiced the creation of a new number combination. I got it, but, the page got renewed and the editor window where I wrote my message was also renewed. Can you change it? (Or, if not, a hint for saving the written message would be helpful).
Thanks & greetings!

Lua / Greyscale on Nspire/CAS
« on: March 24, 2015, 07:09:58 pm »
Am looking for any info about the greyscale that the clickpad/touchpad nspires are using with their b/w lcd. Not much what I find. A greyscale prog I could find, but it works only with Ndless. So how can someone use the greyscale in progs without info about the relation of r/g/b values to grescale 0-15? Ok, not really useful to search longer, I am writing such a program in Lua that shows this values and the related grey by a simple grafik. Am sure that a used coder would do it in shortest time, however, it's a good start for first steps in Lua. But: is there anywhere the info about the r/g/b values of the greyscale?

Introduce Yourself! / Hi Omnimagas!
« on: March 23, 2015, 12:54:48 pm »
I like the calculators for higher classes like TI Voyage, Casio Classpad und others like this. After some playing with them I got now an older Nspire Clickpad CAS. Same pain as with the other calculators: the display is ever much to dark. So i am trying with thick cables to get LED light to it from above. It looks not so good but it works. If I find a more stabile solution I may tell it. Now looking for hints for programming in Lua.

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