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ASM / Should I learn ASM?
« on: February 23, 2017, 10:11:10 pm »
So...I'd like to get ya'lls take on ASM...

I've always been interested in learning it, but it seems so foreign of a computer it worth the trouble to learn? Should I stick with axe?

What's the ups and downs? Is there much difference between ti 83 & 84 ASM?

For all you ASM gurus!

The Axe Parser Project / Degree symbol
« on: September 07, 2016, 01:03:21 am »
Hey, just a quick question on the degree symbol. i noticed that its used in a lot of ya'lls code, but i'm not sure what it is used for. the command list says "Returns the address of the variable in memory."
So...i can basically use any name for the variable if i use the degree symbol?
...maybe a couple of examples could help me understand...

TI Z80 / Standard RPG Game
« on: September 03, 2016, 08:35:39 pm »
Alright, so I've been working on what I would consider to be a standard RPG game. I'm using Zelda Links Awakening graphics, cause I'm not the most creative! lol. I'm more into learning how to structure a game and programming techniques. It's been fun so far! I've been using Axe as the programming language.
I'm gonna be fairly open about how I program different things, and I'll be asking for a lot of help. I'll try to keep screenshots on it, cause people like to see what's going on. Who knows, maybe I'll get it to a point that I can consider it finished!

I got some help from Sorunome on how to draw a tilemap to the back buffer and copy it to the front buffer...he's a brilliant guy. When I move the map, i shift the back buffer using the horizontal and vertical commands.  I've been able to get a masked sprite drawn on the front buffer. I do this by copying the back buffer to the front, and then masking the sprites onto the front buffer.  That's the first screenshot.

The Link sprite has his data arranged as Data("X coordinate","Y Coordinate","Direction","State")

The Directional multiplier in the third slot helps make Link's sprite face the correct direction. Basically when I press the directional keypad, it stores the numbers 1 - 4 into the third slot. When I call for Link to be drawn, the sprite pointer is offset to the correct directional sprite...if that makes sense. You can see that in screenshot 2...and don't worry about the random background map

In screenshot 3 I was able to get Link to alternate between states: standing and stepping. It's just another multiplier, just like the direction slot. I have a little routine that helps alternate between the two when moving, and resets to stand when Link's not moving.

Screenshot 4 is my little test arena for collision. I rearranged the tilemap so the fences are in different configurations for Link to approach. I feel like the collision is super basic. Depending on which direction Link goes, I check the type of tile Link would move into. If the tile is less than a certain number, its a walking tile, and Link can walk freely. If it is above a certain number, it wont let Link pass forward. I hope this explanation isn't too vague...

So, the next thing's I have in mind are;
animated tiles (like the moving flowers tile) - I'll need help on brainstorming
Link swinging sword animation
Health bar

...just one step at a time, i guess. What do ya'll think?

The Axe Parser Project / Tilemap advice
« on: August 25, 2016, 05:57:01 pm »

So, I'm wanting to program a game where I draw a tilemap for the background and have masked sprites for the character and objects/enemies, etc. It'd be a side-scrolling game

I read here that the quickest way to get a tilemap to shift is by using the Horizontal or Vertical commands. You then redraw the side the direction the map shifted. Like, if the map moves down, you redraw that side, etc. This avoids drawing the whole map over again.

If the screen has masked sprites on it, will they shift along with everything else when I use the Horizontal/Vertical commands? How could I avoid it?

It probably has to do with the front and back buffers, but I dont know too much about them, so an explanation on buffers could be helpful! :D

Introduce Yourself! / Hello to everyone!
« on: August 25, 2016, 04:42:28 pm »
Hey all,

I've been a long time lurker here on this forum, but I've never introduced myself.

I'm a mechanical engineer graduate from the University of South Carolina. In high school I took 2 years of computer science where I learned Java, and in my first semester of college I did a class on C++.  So even though I'm a M.E. major, I've always had a desire to code. At the height of my programming skills I programmed minesweeper and snake in Java, and sudoku in C++...but those days are long passed! lol. I've done snake with TI-Basic, but that file's long gone too.

I've been wanting to get back into coding, and I found Axe on this site about 2 years ago. The forum's a great resource, and I've tried a number of times to get something of a game down. But I usually get stuck on a road block, and it ends. Maybe ya'll can help! Where should I go to start a thread and post updates or questions on a game I'm working on?

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