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TI Calculators / Error transferring file to Nspire
« on: July 30, 2018, 03:11:50 pm »
Nspire OS
Running TiLP 1.19 on Chrome OS (using Chromebrew)
Running TiLP 1.17 on Raspbian Stretch (with DietPi)
TiLP appears to think my Nspire is running OS<1.2, but it obviously isn't. Anyone know what the issue could be?
Full output:

TI Calculators / Ndless Port Suggestions
« on: December 08, 2017, 09:01:04 am »
I know forums like these seem to despise suggestion or "do it for me" posts, but I feel like there should be a place to put suggestions for (hopefully) relatively easy ports of things to ndless. (I could probably do these if i had a system better than galliumos on 4GB RAM and ~15GB usable space)

So, here are some of my ideas:
  • skifree (written in c, shouldn't be too hard at all)
  • qb64 (not so sure about this one, compiles things into C++, but would love to see it work)
  • dosbox (it was sort of dismissed as too slow a while back, but could use qbasic :P)
  • not really a program, but could someone just put the necessary files for linux on nspire into a .zip with concise instructions please?

feel free to add your own ideas to this list and discuss whether mine would work! ^_^

also, please nobody mention ti-basic as an alternative to qbasic or qb64 >.<

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TI Calculators / Emulating Old TI Calcs on Nspire
« on: August 11, 2017, 10:32:04 pm »
Just wondering, are there any emulators for old (83, 83+, 84, etc.) TI calcs that could be ported to the Nspire? I saw a video of one on a "swappable keypad" Nspire, so key events might be annoying to remap... but it seems to be possible!

Also, thank you all for such great help getting me started on my Nspire hacking! My little ndless + nTxt + micropython setup has been great for helping me to learn Python  ;D

I do have a few questions about using modules in micropython, though... will start new topic for that though. :thumbsup:

oh and here's that video :o

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