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Introduce Yourself! / It's been a loooong time...
« on: June 30, 2018, 08:26:25 pm »
How have you been? It's been really fun being dead, you know, after you murdered m- Oh wait, this is the wrong forum. :angel:

Anyways, greetings everyone, I'm not new to calculators, I've been programming in BASIC for 3 years on my CE. I'm just more of a Cemetech guy. Also, I honestly didn't think Omnimaga was even active anymore, I know it's not nearly as active as it once was but I'm hoping there's still some innovation here.
Here are some of the best programs I've made:
  • An advanced brightness utility that allows you to adjust the CE brightness past the OS restrictions.
  • An advanced wait state changer that allows you to change the wait states of a CE
  • Doors CS 9 Icon Creator (I didn't make the whole program, I just added a load feature)
  • Text to Morse code that not only converts text to Morse code, but it also flashes the CE LCD in the pattern!  *.*

    My best games are:
  • JPL A game that's compatible with ALL TI 84 type calculators! You get to build your own amazing space ships and fly them through checkpoints to rack up the highest score you can! This program placed third in Project of the Year!
  • Too Many Boats! is a fast paced management game where you have to accept or reject barges and keep your dock from going bankrupt!

    I also have a YouTube channel where I post unique videos about calculators and programming. You can see my best calculator videos here on Cemetech.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what this site is like compared to Cemetech, CodeWalrus, and TI Planet!

    EDIT: Ok first impressions aren't great, this post has been a pain to get looking correctly, probably because I've screwed up the BBcode so much :P

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