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Axe / Does the Link Port Work in Axe?
« on: June 26, 2023, 05:47:01 pm »
My motivation is fuelled by niche desires, and my current interest is making a multiplayer interactive game (thingy) on two TI calculators that released before I was born because I am partially insane.

Anyways, does it work? I have a TI84+SE and my brother has a TI84+, I have a 2.5mm link cable (I'm not sure where it came from) and yet I can't get any response from either calculator using the Get( Send( or just port commands in Axe.
I also noticed that Multiplayer in the Smash Bros game on doesn't work on my calcs - although I assume that may never have been fully implemented in the first place

I have also tried using Wabbitemu to see if it was my calculators or the link cable that was the issue, but no avail (I do recognise that Wabbitemu could also have not properly implemented the emulated link between calculators or that I am misusing it).

Anyways, any pointers would be appreciated. As a side note I have recently found Google to be profoundly useless as I can no longer find specific pages on forums such as this that I could normally pull from the search engine within seconds - e.g. it literally took me about 30 minutes to find the download to BuilderBoy's Portal Prelude. Something I have been able to locate and download numerous times in the past within seconds. So if there is already some comprehensive post somewhere that has a guide to using the link port that I silly-ly couldn't find, I blame Google

Axe / Tilemapping help
« on: February 04, 2019, 12:52:40 pm »
Because I'm organised  8) ,  I would like to NOT include my tile map code in the same program the rest of my code is in, Instead I can just put the map in another program (let's call it MAPCODE for fun) and in my main program refer the contents of this code and store it into GDB1

Let's say that:
Code: [Select]
Is the contents in MAPCODE.
How do I put this info into another program? so that now i don't have to scroll past this huge mass of code every time I'm going to change one small detail?
edit: This is in Axe in case anyone wasn't sure

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