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General Calculator Help / Graphing looping lines in parametric mode
« on: May 03, 2019, 01:26:40 pm »
I will post pictures in a couple hours, currently I do not have access to them.

I've been experimenting with the basic parametric graphing mode and am trying to write an equation that sets the x value back to the beginning when it reaches an edge.

Specifically, I am using this to try and graph a rudimentary satellite ground track.

Currently, I have it written so whenever it completes a period it will subtract the length of the whole window, resetting the x value to -180.
It is written as such:

C = 180 (the distance from the origin to the edge)
B = the period

Essentially, the graph starts at x=-180 and whenever (T/B) returns an integer value (meaning enough time has passed to cover 2C, the entire window) it will subtract that integer value multiplied by the window and reset to x=-180.

This equation generally works, it gets the job done, but is there a better way to do this? Possibly a more general way with logic or combining equations? Perhaps a way that could be used to generate a flat torus window?

However, my biggest problem with this equation is that it produces annoying lines whenever the x position resets kind of like asymptotes in function mode when detectAsymptotes is disabled. I'm struggling to find a good way to fix this. My current solution is to graph with a dotted line but that requires a small and slow Tstep to look presentable.

TLDR: How can I prevent lines being graphed in parametric mode when graphing an equation that suddenly jumps to another position?

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