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Site Feedback and Questions / Signatures & ponies
« on: July 26, 2013, 10:29:02 am »

I'm not a mod obviously, but I think it has been enough of the ponies everywhere invading omnimaga in each post/topic.

Here is an example of two consecutive posts :

Notice : people's name has been blured out, it's not too late to change everything.

Also, not only the ponies, the signatures are being invaded of useless and spamming content.

 - Spoilers are not a solution to hide what you don't want people to see.
The computer see it and process it as for the other visible content.
Look at the generated HTML if you don't trust me.

 - GIF are
  • attractive/distractive
  • CPU greedy
  • Bandwidth greedy

 - Signature is neither a portfolio, nor a Instagram section.
It's a section where you put useful information about you


Calculator C / Hide documents on TI-Nspire [Ndless]
« on: December 24, 2011, 08:04:36 pm »
Last edit : 08/01/12

Original Post :
Who said Christmas was not for programming ?
Craft of the day : hide documents during exams on TI-Nspire

Soon on TI-Planet =)

TI-Nspire / NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN ... this is the game :D
« on: August 13, 2011, 07:07:18 am »
I'm going to particpate to the Contest #2 with a random troll game :D


I've done it in 1.5 days, I understood why games are pretty fast to program :D

The beautiful psychedelic title screen :

you have to avoid vegetables ....

... and eat candy ...

... without dying ...

On-calc it has a better render but it is slower, since it was coded in 1.5 days I haven't searched to be extensible.

As you can see, I'm using a bug of the TI-Nspire API to put the Lua Game in FullScreen :D

Lua / Nspire-Lua environment for Gedit (Programming Editor for Gnome)
« on: August 04, 2011, 10:05:56 am »
Hi, =)

as Adriweb did here,

here is my Lua environment under Gedit :

I highly recommend this configuration/plugins for Gedit :

Display :
 - Check everything but not "Activate auto-line-return" (fisrt one)
Editor :
 - Tabulations : 4
 - Check "Activate auto-indentation"
Theme : Oblivion
Plugins :
 - (+) Advanced Find/Replace
 - (+) TabSwitch
 - (+) Simple Folding (since there is no auto-folding plugin in Gedit, this is the best one that exists)
 - (+) Project Manager
 - External Tools

External Tools is a greate plugin that lets you add some bash/sh scripts and add a shortcut to it.
For example, I use it with Ctrl+L to "make" Make3D, then, I can work faster for testing purposes.

Code: [Select]
python ../../maketns/ ${a:0:${#a}-4}".tns" \
c=0 w \
$b"cube2.lua" \
$b"Utils.lua" \
$b"ScreenManager.lua" \
$b"Buttons.lua" \
$b"Menu.lua" \
$b"Request.lua" \
$b"Constants.lua" \
$b"Engine.lua" \
$b"Transform.lua" \
$b"ExportImport.lua" \
$b"Help.lua" \
$a \
wend cend\

I use also a modified version of maketns (by JayTe) that lets me make several cards (pages) or widgets per pages directly with a linux command prompt.

Have fun !

TI-Nspire / [Lua] Make3D
« on: April 21, 2011, 10:20:22 pm »
Hello everyone !
Well, I will present you a little bit this projet I maintain since .. yes ... this is it ... 2.5 years in TI-Basic !
I named it : Make3D.
Original topic in french :

First it was only a 3D viewer. In France, during HighSchool, we have to make a projet named "TPE" we can translate to "Supervised Practical Work". The goal is to do a presentation of at least 40 pages and an oral lecture of 15 minutes by groups of 2/3/4 during the whole year. My project was to study the subject "Modèles des Simulations 3D", translated to "3D Simulation Models" ('love english). Basicly we had to see how the virtual world was lead by 3D models and 3D simulations. Every days you're looking to an ad, and there is this beautiful car ... OH WAIT THIS IS 3D.... this was the general idea of the project :D

But, during our researches, the supervisor teacher (which one supervises our project) comes and said to us "Hum ... 'ur only using 3D software aren't you ? you only touch to theory ... this is a shame." The next day I went to school with my TI-Nspire and the first version of Make3D, typically a 3D point  rendering engine coded in TI-BASIC on TI-Nspire :D

Kinda cool, our teacher and the examinators were just : O_o and we got 19.5/20   good job \o/

Nice ... so, here the little story of Make3D. Only a stub to answer to my teacher ...
This stub finished to make a tree, like a big tree I mean. We were able to display 3D functions, import models from Blender and make some 3D

But ... of course... TI-BASIC is .... SLOW. We had to wait over than 5 seconds for a 10 points model, 30 for 50, 5 minutes for 100, etc ...

Then, Ndless comes. Hum ... I wanted to port Make3D in C... just lazy (many exams for the final year of HighSchool etc ...)

Then Lua comes.

OmyGAD  :o

Opportunity to make a real 3D engine ;D

So now the goal is : make a program that could help anyone in the comprehension of 3D space whereas the built-in 3D function render DON'T display non-function models. This is the goal of Make3D. Make everything you want is 3D (like a cube, a sphere) you can't do with the built-in functions \o/

Thus, I have to develop a fully user-friendly interface and "SDK" to propose a software which HAVE to be easy to use AND powerfull.

Any suggestions are welcome =D

Hi all here !
Critor just released his Autocalc on TI-Nspire. Yes, on TI-Nspire. You're looking at me and saying "why ? TI-Nspire can make fractions and all stuff  with pretty print view !" Not totally true. The TI-nSpire CAS could. But The TI-nSpire nonCAS couldn't. When you enter "1/4" it answer "0.25"... like a TI-84+

Thus, Critor made this to broaden the popularity of the TI-nSpire nonCAS, cause poor students sale their useless calc and buy a Casio calc..

Well, this pretty useful stuff is called "mCAS" like "mini CAS". In its description, you can learn that the TI-nSpire nonCAS have only one CAS engine ( / 4 on CAS) : the pretty print entry view. So then, when Critor told me "Hey, look at the functions, you can still have Pretty Print on it !" I designed a stupid but ingenious function that update the function box, and then you can view the result in Pretty Print on the TI-nSpire non CAS !
You still do not understand what it means ?
Check this (French) :

(wait a while, the beginning is here to show where mCAS can go)
You can download mCAS in French here, it includes an English readme :


edit :
and I've forgotten to say that mCAS is fully compatible with OS 1.7 (and OS 1.4 but there is a refresh bug with my pretty print function, but mCAS works)

Introduce Yourself! / Hi all here
« on: April 04, 2010, 06:33:06 pm »
I have nothing to say. Oh yes ! I remember !
My name is Levak. Hi Levak
I'm French, Frooog !
I'm a tiiiiiii years old man. Woouaaaa
I love programing and making 2D/3D designs. Yeaaaaaah
And I've stopped since 2 weeks. You're kidding man ?

Well.. not totaly false. Studies fisrt of all !  ;D

My website is dead cause a stupid boy had uploaded a ***** file on his ftp, and the Admin got banned, with all others websites, mine included

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